So many DEVICES to manage???

Now take charge of your devices & also the devices of your family.
Maintain and keep them running fast.
Control them and safeguard your kids.
Secure them and protect your devices & its data.
Manage all of them easily from a single dashboard.

All this with Remo MORE
A Unified Family Device Management App

Every second device at a home is SLOW

They lead to:

  •  Frequent Freezes
  •  Battery Drainage
  •  Longer Boot Up
  •  Slow Internet
  •  Slow Texting
  •  Slower Apps

Not anymore, make your devices fast-as-new with Remo MORE’s Maintenance Functions.

Enjoy a Faster Life

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Every minute more than 100 devices are LOST

This leads to:

  •  Loss of Data & Money
  •  Threat of Unauthorized Access
  •  Misuse of Device Data
  •  Misuse of Device Itself

Stay secure against device theft or loss with Remo MORE’s Security Functions.

Walk Carefree

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Kids spend more than 7 hours a day plugged into smart devices

Common concerns can be:

  •  Over Usage of Social Media
  •  Over Usage of Chat Apps
  •  Unauthorized Access to Apps
  •  Device Loss or Misplacement

Now safeguard your kid’s online and offline activities with Remo MORE’s Control Functions.

Control in your Hands

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A typical household has more than 10 smart devices

Therefore challenges aren’t less:

  •  Many Devices to Handle
  •  Each Device has Different Requirement
  •  Different Apps for Different Functions
  •  Relearn App Functionality for Each Device
  •  Obviously Time Consuming

Simplify your lives with Remo MORE - A Complete Device Management Solution.

Life Simplified

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    - By Jill Scharr, tom’s GUIDE

“A Must Have App For Your Family”

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