Just 1-Click To Keep Your Devices Fit

  • One app for all your devices (Multi-Platform Device Support)
  • Manage & monitor all your devices from a webpage (Unique Cloud Enabled Model)
  • Fix all the device issues in one simple click (1-Click Maintenance)
  • Smart maintenance scheduling (Auto Maintenance)
  • Carry Remo MORE on your USB (Portable Software)
Cloud Enabled Device Performance Technology

MORE Cloud Control

  • Remotely clean and fix all the device issues with just one click
  • Get hardware inventory of all the added devices
  • Monitor battery status and drive health
  • Get system information of all the added devices
  • Simple & easy-to-use cloud control panel


Device Management Made Easy

  • Effortlessly manage device power usage, memory space, files & folders
  • Safeguard confidential files & folders by password protecting them
  • Securely shred critical files & folders
  • Intelligent drive defrag mechanism
  • Eliminate bad sectors and file system errors present on the drive
  • Easily backup contacts of your iPhone & Android Smartphone

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Protection & Performance Assured

  • Guard your privacy by removing online & offline traces
  • Permanently erase traces of deleted files & folders that are recoverable
  • Wipe off your SD card data securely
  • Clean up junk messages, photos, videos created by Whatsapp
  • Clear Windows registry errors for enhanced device performance
  • Optimize device memory to free up unwanted space
  • Remove duplicate files & folders
  • Remove duplicate contacts on your smart phones


Data Safety Redefined

  • Quick recovery of lost files & folders
  • Repair corrupt files that fail to open
  • Create restore points on your Windows PC
  • Online backup to store away your important data
  • Easy restore for phone contacts from backup

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  • 1-click maintenance to keep your devices fit everyday
  • Enhance your internet speed for better browsing experience
  • Enhance the boot up speed of your devices
  • One-time setting to automate all the operations
  • Useful recommendations & alerts to manage your devices more efficiently