I am unable to add devices, what should I do?

Adding a device to Remo MORE cloud is an essential functionality that allows you to manage, optimize and control devices remotely from your cloud account. You can add your own device or your group member’s device to Remo MORE cloud panel.

Here are the steps to add your Own Device:

  • Remo MORE Cloud website will be opened
  • Sign up and create a Cloud Account
  • Your device would get added to Cloud once you have logged in.

Here are the steps to add Group Member’s Device:

  • Browse to Remo MORE Cloud website
  • Login to your Cloud Account
  • Click on "Add Devices"
  • Select device type you wish to add
  • Further, Select "Group Member's Device"
  • Specify the functionality (Control/Usage/Track/Boost) and click on "Confirm Add"
  • Further, enter group member's email address and click "Send"
  • Your group member will receive an email with a download link
  • Inform your group member to download and install Remo MORE software on his/her device from the given web-link
  • Once the software is installed and launched, the group member's device would be added to your Cloud account.

In case you are facing difficulties in adding your device to Cloud, we would request you to contact our Support Team at www.remosoftware.com/support

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