Remo File Repair Tools

  • Collection of several advanced tools to repair broken or damaged Office, media, Outlook, Zip and RAR files
  • Read - only software, extremely safe to use, read corrupt and make new usable files
  • Advanced repair engine to extract content from severely corrupt files
  • Reviewed and recommended by industry experts

File Repair


Remo Software portfolio consists of several file repair tools, that collectively offers the most comprehensive and convenient  options to repair several popular types of damaged or corrupt DOC / DOCX, PPT, PST, RAR, ZIP, and MOV files. All these utilities are powered with an advanced repair engine, which helps in rebuilding the damaged file by creating a completely new file, keeping the original file intact. There is a seperate tool for each of the file type you are trying to repair, read below to get acquainted.

Remo Software expertizes in understanding data. Its experience on various file systems and how data is written in the file system and experience working with various file formats along with its detailed file structure, helps Remo Software to bring out repair tools to solve problems you face with corrupted files.

Remo Repair Tools

Common Features

  • All tools create a new healthy working file by extracting the contents from the corrupt file keeping the original file unaltered and hence making the process extremely safe to try.
  • Facilitates you with "Preview" option, so that you can preview your repaired data before actual restoration and purchasing the software.
  • Backed by free support by tech experts at Remo providing you pre-sales as well as post-sales support.

Why Remo File Repair?

100 % Safe and Secure – Remo Repair tools are non-destructive read-only software. As it makes sure that it does not writes to the source or corrupted file. It is free from virus and malware, scanned with advanced antivirus program and certified by several authorities.

User-Friendly – It is very user-friendly software and the files are repaired with a few clicks.

Best Rated: Industry experts have reviewed the Remo repair tools several times and always appreciated the applications. Apart from that several customers have left in testimonials sharing their experiences and recommending Remo.

Free Demo Version- The software is available as a shareware. A free demo which enables you to view recovery outcomes and helps you assess its capabilities and effectiveness before you purchase.

Minimum Disk Space – Only 50MB free disk space is required for software installation.

24/7 Customer Support – Free and 24/7 technical support for all your file repair pre-sales and post-sales queries from a team of experts.

100% Money Back Guarantee - Backed by Remo's confidence with a 30 days refund policy.

New Information

Recover Data from Corrupt Zip File
Once the ZIP file is corrupted then all the data which is residing within ZIP file will be lost, however by using Remo Repair ZIP application you can easily recover all the lost data from corrupt ZIP file…

DivX Header Fix
If you are unable to play DivX file then there might be some problem with header of the file, thus if you want to fix header of your DivX file then make use of Remo Repair AVI program which can easily fix header issues…

Repair Doc File Association
While performing file association with doc file if you go wrong then your Word doc file may get corrupted, however it can be easily repaired by making use of Remo Repair Word program …

Fix MP4 File Header
Read this descriptive page to learn how to fix MP4 file header corruption with the use of Remo Repair MOV application in simple steps. It can easily fix any size of MP4 file that is corrupted due to any reasons such as virus infection, corruption, etc. Click here..

Fix AVI Movies
Make damaged \ broken AVI files to playable on any supporting media player with the assistance of most acclaimed and best repair tool. It fixes AVI movies that were broken or damaged due to virus attack, power surge, improper download etc..

Zip File Error Repair
Repair and extract ZIP files after error due to CRC, header corruption, interruptions due to downloading, virus infections etc. with powerful Remo Repair ZIP software which scans and fix corrupt or damaged ZIP files in a couple of minutes. Read more..

Related Info

Repair iPhone .mov video files
If you are getting error message when you try to open a video file on your iPhone then the video file might be corrupted. Remo Repair MOV can fix the error and provide you access to the video file.

How to Repair Outlook Inbox
If you are not able to view your Inbox mails, then it is clear indication that your Outlook PST file which stores all the files realted to MS Outlook, is damaged or corrupt. To get back your important Inbox emails you need a PST repair tool which can repair your PST file and restore your Inbox emails. Remo Repair Outlook PST is a highly recommended software for this repair purpose.

Word Document Repair
MS Word is an application used to create documents like letters, articles etc., which are mainly used for official purposes and losing any of them could be disasters. Remo Repair Word can help you in repairing Word documents that are damaged due to header corruption, CRC error, transmission error etc. Know more about the repair process involved by reading this page.

Recover Powerpoint File
Remo Recover software lets you recover PowerPoint Presentations that are accidentally deleted or lost during cut and paste operation or any other scenario. The software is capable of recovering not just the slides but also the other items like hyperlinks, animation, images, wordart etc. Read further to know more about the product features.

Zip Recovery
ZIP archives are mainly damaged or corrupt because of unknown compression techniques or due to errors that occurs during file transfer. Remo Repair ZIP quickly repairs ZIP archive and recovers files that are present in it by extracting its contents. Refer this page for the detailed information on ZIP file repair and recovery.

RAR Recovery
RAR files are widely used for compressing large sized files in order to save disk space or to send multiple files in a single go. If RAR file gets corrupt then you won't be able to access all the files present in it. Remo Repair RAR is the most conventional way to repair these corrupt RAR files and recovering all the files present in it.

Safe and Secure
Free Support

"...Remo Recover retrieved all my broken and deleted files without missing a single one..."

Jay Dandell

"...when I installed the new Windows7 operating system I found to my heartbreak that it had formatted and installed to my USB TB drive!

Remo Recovery did exactly as advertised. All of my documents and photo files were recovered in the same folders and file names as they were originally. I had over 400 GB of data restored....."

Kathryn Boulden

System Requirements

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008

RAM – 1 GB RAM (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)

Free disk space - 50 MB (for installation)

Log in to the system as Local System Administrator and install the software.