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Best Software to Repair MOV File with Corrupt Header

Sometimes, you might have encountered many errors every now and then, whenever you try to play a MOV file on QuickTime player. These errors don’t allow you to play the MOV file on QuickTime Player. Even playing that file on different players like Gom, VLC, Windows media player or any other player won’t help you in these situations. And one of the possible reasons for this problem is MOV file header corruption.

Let’s see what this header corruption is? Header is a location in MOV file that stores all the specifications of the file like file size, last modification time, file creation date etc. Incase if any of this information from the header of a MOV is missing, then such a file will not be recognized by any of the media player and in turn you can’t play that video file.

In such instances, what can be done to fix MOV file header? Don’t get tensed you can easily fix your corrupt MOV file header with just few mouse clicks. You can achieve this with the help of Remo Repair MOV utility, which can securely repair your corrupt MOV file header with utmost ease.

Common scenarios that might lead to MOV header corruption

  • Virus Infection: Severe virus infection to your hard drive could even corrupt your MOV files. These viruses could easily gain access and reach the header of the files which then alters the important components stored in the header section. Due to this, your MOV file header gets corrupt.
  • Interruption during Transfer Process: If any interruption likes power failure, abnormal system termination or abrupt removal of the external device during the transfer process also results in header corruption.
  • Usage of Incompatible Players: At times, you might try playing a MOV file by using a media player which is not compatible with your MOV file. In such instances your MOV file header gets damaged and the files becomes unplayable.
  • Conversion of MOV file: Interruptions while trying to convert the MOV video file to any other file format could cause damage to the MOV file. In addition, using an unreliable conversion tool for converting the MOV video files will also result in MOV file header corruption.

Whatsoever, might be the reason behind the damage, Remo Repair MOV will just fix the MOV issues and renders the unplayable video as playable.

Get more details about Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV is an excellent MOV file repair utility that is specifically designed to fix the corrupt MOV file header. The tool works distinctly while repairing the MOV file; it first separates both the audio and video data stream and then repairs them independent of each other. After which it rejoins both repairs both the streams and the fixes all the MOV header issues to form a healthy playable MOV file. It can repair your corrupt MOV successfully on all various versions of both Windows and Mac OS X. Not just your MOV file the utility can even repair the corrupt MP4 file playable on QuickTime player in just few minutes.

Remo Repair MOV possesses a highly interactive and wizard like GUI to ensure smooth repair process even for the novice users. In addition, Remo Repair Mov is a read-only tool that just extracts the contents from the corrupt MOV, repairs and saves it on a healthy MOV file without altering the original MOV.

Supported Devices: Can repair your corrupt MOV stored on hard drive, iPods, memory cards, SD cards, thumb drives and other flash memory and USB devices.

Supported Camera brands: Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Minolta, Sony, Lexar, Fujifilm, GoPro, Olympus, or any other camera brands.

If you want to testify its working, utilize its free trial version that allows you to preview the file and then you can purchase the tool for saving the repaired MOV. Hence, Remo Repair MOV utility is the best corrupt file fixer, that could successfully fix the MOV files with header corruption easily.

For complete MOV repair procedure is depicted in the video below:

Do's & Don’ts

  • Download MOV files only from a secure network
  • Use ofnly reliable applications in order to play MOV files
  • Avoid terminating your media player in a improper way
  • Do not shutdown systemabruptly when MOV file is playing or is being sent
  • If you want to play files that are stored in USB devices then first copy them to your PC adn them play the file