How to Fix Audio Video Sync Issues on MP4 File

MP4 audio video sync problem holding you back from watching video? Fix the issue easily using Remo Repair MOV!! Even Repairs MP4 & MOV videos corrupt due to any reasons on both Windows & Mac systems...

No more audio video sync issues!

Ever been through this situation where you are watching an MP4 video and slowly either the audio or video goes out of sync with the other? Quite annoying, isn’t it? Audio that is ahead or behind the video disturbs your viewing experience and you are left confused. What do you think could be the reason behind this and how do you fix the issue?

Audio video synchronization problem shows that the .mp4 file is corrupted. If you are playing the MP4 file on an incompatible media player or if the length of the MP4 video frame is longer than the audio’s, there may be such synchronization issues between audio and video streams. But whatever the cause behind video audio desynchronization, you can fix the issue and make the MP4 file play properly with the help of Remo’s MP4 Repair tool, in few steps.

Repair audio - video sync problems on MP4 files and get them synced again!

MP4 files which fails to play in sync because of audio video synchronization problems can be fixed in a secure manner using Remo Repair MOV. In order to fix these issues, this video repair software separates out the audio and video data streams, repairs them and finally joins them together to create a healthy MP4 file. Additionally, the application even fixes corrupt MOV files in similar way to provide a playable video.

Corrupted videos which fail to play on any media player like QuickTime, RealPlayer, VLC Media Player, etc, can be repaired and made playable again in just few steps. .mp4 and .mov files which are damaged due to header corruption can also be fixed by this utility. In the entire mp4 video repair process, the software never damaged or edits the original file, as it incorporates read-only mechanism for the process.

Repair MOV tool by Remo also comes in handy to…

Moroever, the tool can even be used to fix Nikon MOV file with audio and video sync issues or that refuses to play on any media player. Not just Nikon or GoPro, this application comes in handy to fix MOV or MP4 files created on any other camera brands like Canon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonicc etc.

Audio video codecs – The software supports mjpeg, mp4v, avc1 video codecs along with audio codecs RAW, sowt and mp4a.

How to Fix MP4 Audio Video Sync Problem

Using Remo Repair MOV software you can fix MP4 video having audio video synchronization issues in a quick way. Follow these steps to fix MP4 to play the video file smoothly without any issues:

  • Download Remo Repair MOV software; install it on your system
  • Launch the tool; now click on Healthy File and provide one healthy playable MP4 video for reference and then give a corrupt MP4 file having audio video sync issues
  • To begin the repair process, just click on “Repair” button
  • Wait for few minutes, after completion you can view the repaired video using “Preview” option and then save the file at any location of your choice