Recover lost XLS file

The .xls file format is a binary file format developed by Microsoft for including all the office stuffs like values, graphs, drawings etc. in a single workbook. This is the default file format followed in Microsoft Office Excel 97 – 2003. In later versions, its updation .xlsx is used as default workbook. It supports .xml files and macros embedding. So it is used as a mediator tool as well. If it gets lost due some reason, then definitely you are in a difficult situation, But not impossible because Remo Recover – Windows is here to get back all your lost .xls files from any storage device and after any situation.

Some situations where XLS file gets lost:

There are several circumstances where you can lose your workbook. Some of them are listed here.

  • Virus attacks: In case if your XLS file is infected by virus or Malware attacks, then your files might become inaccessible and sometimes may even go missing
  • Third-Party tools : Sometimes, you might try run some third-party software on your system either while partitioning or installed some applications which is incompatible with your system. these issues will make land you in loss of XLS files
  • .xml file failing to synchronize with .xls file : While using your .xml files always be careful, in case it the fiel doesnt synchronize with your .xls file then, you will lose your XLS file
  • Intentional or unintentional deletion : There may arise some situations in which you might delete your vital .xls files accidentally and even empty the Recycle bin without checking its contents. This results in loss of XLS files

I know, the above mentioned scenarios will be scary for you, in case you have stored your important work on these Excel workbooks. However, there is nothing much to worry, as I said earlier you can make use of Remo Recover (Windows) tool and easily restore your complete lost XLS files. Whether you have formatted your drive or reinstalled your OS, whatever it is, this tool can efficiently retrieve your lost XLS files within minutes. Even if your .xls file contains charts, images, graphs, hyperlinks or any other OLE objects yopur can make use of this tool to restore all of these embedded attributes along with thye file. It supports lost data recovery from any version of MS Excel like Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 etc. Also, it can retrieve more than 300 types of files lost in various situations, including Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, ZIP files, image files, videos etc. In addition, it can be utilized on all available storage devices such as hard drives, external drives, USB drives, flash memory cards etc.

How to Recover a XLS file using Remo Recover Windows?

Remo Recover Windows has a user friendly Graphical User Interface. This will steer you all through the end of the recovery process. For those who need an additional info, go further.

  • Download the software from here
  • Install it in your Windows operating system
  • Here comes the main window, where you need to select “Lost files
  • After that select the hard drive that contains the lost XLS file and initiate the scanning process
  • Now all the files will be displayed, check box the .xls file and the save the session
  • Purchase the software and extract the recovered files from the saved sessions

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While installing Remo Recover Windows turn off the UAC settings in the control panel and download the tool in a different drive other than the drive from which you lost XLS files. This will overwrite the existing inactive data and the .xls file cannot be recovered at any cost.

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