Ways to use Unallocated Space on USB Drive

USB flash drives are the portable memory devices that enable easy transfer of all your data between computers. They are convenient to use and hence most of them even use them for booting the computer. However, they do have some problems while sharing. One such potential problem is unallocated memory, in which a portion of your USB drive memory becomes inaccessible and useless either due to unreliable third party diagnostic tools or an incomplete reformatting of your USB drives. Until and unless the unallocated disk space takes up larger section of your USB drive space it is not a problematic

Fix Memory Card Unrecognized Problem

I have 4GB SanDisk memory card, mostly I used it on digital camera to store captured pictures. Recently, it was full with pictures, and running out of memory space to store other pictures. Hence, I decided to move all pictures to system but memory card was not recognized by system. I tried several times by ejecting and inserting it to system but no useful. How should I fix memory card unrecognized problem in system? The above question is quite normal these days, this kind of problem with memory card users usually occurs when their memory card are assigned with drive

Imaging vs. Backup software

Imaging and Backup may sound same but in real they are different. There are a lot of differences between imaging data and data backup. Imaging is the secondary storage of the needed data on a single roof. All the data will be bound in a single file format such as an ISO, DAA disk image file types. There is several images backup software available in the internet market for free as well as a paid one.  At the same time data backup refers to the secondary data of the needed one which are stored as it is. For example if

How to Create Bootable USB Drive?

A bootable USB drive is a USB drive that can boot up when you start your system. It comes in handy if you ever want to boot your operating system from your flash drive in case of emergency purposes. For example, if your hard drive fails, your OS on the system might become corrupt due to which you might be unable to boot regularly hence you will need to boot in from another device. In such cases, having a bootable USB is becomes very essential. Using bootable USB to install an operating system (OS) not only makes the installation faster,

Know How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal

I have a Wi-Fi system but at times the signal seems to vary from low to good and excellent. On the low and good connection it fails to send or receive though I can access internet pages. What I can do? Most people who use Wi-Fi might have experienced the same or similar situation. Wi-Fi is one of the most useful and important parts of using a computer, and yet it’s also one of the most frustrating. When you’re on the Internet or trying to connect, you might notice that it takes several minutes to open a single page. If

Know How to Import an OST File in Microsoft Outlook

I had to recreate my Outlook profile and hence need access to my Outlook data. However I do not currently have access to the network.  How do I open or import my old OST file in my new Outlook profile? This is what happens, whenever you are recreating your Outlook profile. Unfortunately, there is no in-built feature available for importing OST file like your PST Import / Export feature; hence, it has to done manually. Actually these OST files are the Offline Outlook data file that helps you to access your emails and other Outlook data even when the internet

Know How to Protect System Privacy

What if your mails, bank account details, credit card details, passwords etc. are hacked by some intruders? Very scary, isn’t it? But it’s the fact, if your system is not protected, then you will have to face such instances at any time. As information technology evolved latest technologies have been devised day-by-day, due to which your data would become more and more unsecure and is more prone to get hacked by some intruders. Hence, one has to make sure you have enough security tools to protect data against such intruders. However, there is no need to worry, by using safety

Remove virus from pen drive without losing data

We generally use pen drives in our daily life as a temporary storage device and to transfer data between the systems. But, pen drives are easily susceptible to virus infection when compared to other storage devices as they can be extensively used on any computer easily. They can be easily plugged in and out to any system this is the main reason for virus infection on these pen drives. This would lead to data corruption; in turn leading to loss of your vital files on these pen drives. I believe most of you might have come across such situations and

How to use Memory Stick on PSP?

Bought new PlayStation Portable (PSP), but not sure about how you can use it or connect the memory stick to the new PSP? Don’t worry; here are few simple guidelines for using your memory stick on PSP. PlayStation Portable in short called as PSP, is a small and portable gaming console that is developed by Sony. It is the best video gaming console that uses optical disk format, Universal Media disk and a robust multi-media capabilities etc. It also has its primary storage memory, additionally, it even has a slot to use other memory sticks to store the games or

Best way to find computer specifications

When you want to install new software or buy a peripheral such as a printer or scanner, you will first find the product’s minimum requirements that are listed somewhere on the packaging. These minimum requirements provide the lowest specification of each component that your computer should have in order to run the program or peripheral properly. These computer specifications can be memory, processor or graphics card etc. At the same time, you will have to be aware of the available computer memory or how powerful the processor is or which operating system you’re running etc. For this you should know