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Things to Know Before Moving your Outlook Data into another PC

moving outlook data into another pc

Most of you would be aware of the location of Outlook data files on your PC irrespective of whether you’re using PST or OST files. And, it’s not a big deal to find this location too. But, I’ve seen some people are struggling while moving their Outlook data into a new PC. Well, I don’t know its reason. Most of the Outlook users I have seen prefer to copy their Outlook data file to their new PCs. And, a number of compatibility issues were reported when they try to fetch data from this data file.  So, it’s a better look for

All You Need to Know About Recovering Deleted Emails in Outlook 2013 or Later


It’d be such a distracting experience if you accidentally deleted any email from your Outlook program. Anyhow, with a little bit patience from you, those deleted items from Outlook can be recovered back without missing any. Check this article to know how it’s possible. Deleted Items Folder in Outlook  In Outlook 2013/16, your deleted emails will be located in the Deleted Items folder that you can quickly locate on your mailbox. Once you located deleted items in this folder, you can move such items into another folder. For this, right click on the deleted email and click Move to Other

Setting Up Email Priority in Outlook 2016

email priority in outlook 2016

If you are one who is using Outlook from the past few years, your inbox would be filled with lots of important and unimportant emails. It’d be very hard to sort these messages until you have set up priority levels for them. Anyhow, setting priority for an Outlook email is easier than you think. It can be done while sending a new email. For that, click HOME tab of your Outlook and choose New Email. While creating a new email, you can see some options under tabs menu saying High Importance and Low Importance. Choose an option from these two

How to Find any Email on Outlook 2016?

find any email on Outlook 2016

Instant Email search has been the part of Outlook since its 2007 version. And, it’s not limited to just emails – you can even search for calendar items, tasks, etc. In Outlook 2016, email finding process is much easy. Steps are described below. 1. Make sure that you’re in your email inbox. For that, the mail icon on the left column of Outlook window should be selected. If the compact navigation option isn’t turned ON, you’ll see icons like this. 2. Find the search box. It’ll be located on the top of your email list. 3. If you are sure

5 Outlook Hints Everyone Should Know

5 outlook hints

Apart from Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular desktop email client today, by maintaining a market share of 7.0 % since last October. For PC users, thinking about an alternate email client other than Outlook is somewhat hard. But, even the regular Outlook users are unaware of the productivity features in the tool. Here’re five Outlook hints that you can use to improve your productivity while using Outlook. Also read: How to manage oversized Outlook data files? Hint 1: Desktop Alerts It’s a very simple option- whenever you receive a new email, you’ll get a desktop alert so

How to Open Repaired PST file with Remo PST Repair & Restore Deleted Emails

In case you haven’t used it before, Remo PST Repair is a tool to repair corrupted, inaccessible & large MS Outlook PST file. While it saves your Outlook data files, it also restores pretty much every deleted emails that you gave up. One of the frequent questions users asked about this tool is – how to open the repaired PST file in Outlook and how to restore emails back. I thought it might be useful to put together step-wise procedure for accessing PST file and restoring the deleted or lost mails. Here we go…  Step 1: Launch your Microsoft Outlook; it

Managing Oversized Outlook Data Files, No Longer Rocket Science!

Oversized Outlook data files

The words ‘Data’ and ‘Communication’ are an indispensable part of our lives by all literal means. Both of them exclusively define Outlook and are also dependent on each other. Outlook is a widely adapted “Personal Manager”. Apart from being an email application, it also manages our contacts, keeps track of our appointments and plays various other roles that Outlook users are aware of. The various roles of Outlook give rise to various types of Data.  Outlook Data on your system is stored in personal folders i.e. PST files. As time goes by, your Outlook data keeps on increasing. The more

Oversized PST File can be your Worst Nightmare! Here’s Why?

oversized pst problem

So, let me guess. When you start using Outlook, you probably thought this would be the easiest thing to do, and you kept sending & receiving emails for years, until… One day when you looked into your Outlook data files, to your surprise, it had grown into a huge 125 GB file and problems had started to pop up out of the blue. It was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be problem free. But, is it? For most of us, it had happened or still, you may be on the verge of committing

Compacting Decoded: Reduce Oversized PST files for a better Outlook experience

Compact oversized pst file

Compacting Outlook Data File is one of the most efficient ways to organize and de-clutter files. You have been using Outlook for a considerable amount of time. As time goes by, data on your Outlook keeps piling. ‘Piling on’ of data can result to increase in the size of PST files. With time, these files can easily grow into several gigabytes especially if the large file attachments are stored with their messages. Therefore, it can be concluded that your Outlook data file can occupy a significant amount of space on your system’s hard drive. Large outlook files can also lead

4 ways to split oversized PST files that will enhance your Outlook

Oversized PST files are difficult to manage. Agreed! It is a widely acknowledged fact amongst Outlook users. But, it’s not something we cannot get hold of. We all know that PST files have a size limit imposed upon them. If size of PST file exceeds this limit, you will surely face lot of issues. It is more likely to arouse problems that may prevent to load or open Outlook data. Even worse, you won’t be able to add new data. So, don’t be surprised if you come across some errors like “xxxx.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116” Or “Errors have