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A Guide To Setup A Custom Startup Folder In Windows’ File Explorer

Setting up a custom startup folder in Windows File Explorer

Every time you open up your Windows File Explorer and by default it opens to Libraries i.e. if you are using Windows 7 and 8. But if you are using Windows 10 then it will open to Quick access. If you want to save time navigating through the File Explorer to find the folder you frequently require. Then know that there is a simple and easy way to go about doing so. All you need to do is custom set up a Folder in Windows’ File Explorer. Whenever you come across statements that say custom set up for startup folder

What is an ISO image File and How can you open an ISO File?

ISO Image File

It’s quite often, we have heard of ISO image file and what it can do. But most of us don’t know, ‘What is an ISO image File’ and ‘How you can open an ISO File’? Most of the time, we are in search of something that we can put together according to our convenience, that we can open and use for the exact purpose we made it. An ISO image file is something like that. For example: When you buy Lego box for a kid. The box itself is of no use or value but, the content within the box

7 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Computer for You

It’s hard to let go off your favorite things. Be it your old pair of jeans, a stuffed toy you still cuddle with or your favorite comic book. As they say “all good things come to an end”, it is also the same with your computer. It’s absolutely OK to hold on to your past for sentimental values but not with your computer. As time goes by, you need to change your computer as well. There are several signs which indicate that it’s time to change your computer. Your computer suddenly starts making a weird sound, you’ll see colorful dots

A no nonsense guide on how to make partition in Windows

What do you understand by the term “Disk Partitioning”? Your Disk drive is a mass of free and unallocated space. This disk can be segregated into several independent partitions. This is nothing but Disk Partitioning. Any physical storage device cannot be used until and unless a partition or partitions are created on it. Why is it necessary to make partitions and how it is advantageous ? By default, the systems already have a single partition on their hard drive. It is basically the C drive which you can see inside the ‘Computer’ window. In order to set up a file system,