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Best way to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

Dynamic disks are the hard drive configurations that provide advanced functionalities like disk mirroring, parity and striping etc. One can easily apply dynamic disk configurations on any hard drive type like IDE and SATA hard drives. Actually these dynamic disks are very flexible to use. On these dynamic disks one can create various types of volumes like Spanned Volumes, Mirrored Volumes, Stripped Volumes, RAID 5 volumes and many more. In spite of these advantages, dynamic disks do have some limitations. Windows allows you to install operating system only on basic disk i.e. a primary disk. Moreover, most of the dynamic

Difference between SSD & Normal Hard Drives

Until recently, PC buyers had only few choices for selecting what kind of storage device to use with their laptop or desktop and the form factor had just a hard disk drive (HDD). But now, you have a choice to configure your system with either an HDD, SSD, or in some cases both. How will you choose between them? What are the major differences between normal HDD and SSD? Here are few differences between SSDs and HDDs that might help you with this, Read further to know all of them.. What is a HDD? Hard drives are considered as the

Know how to boot a MacBook from an external USB drive

Sometimes you may encounter problem with MacBook while booting up or else you have fashion to experiment with new releases of Apple OS before installing them into system, you wish to try from external device. In such situation, you can boot the system by connecting external USB drive. For this purpose, you have to connect the external USB drive into MacBook USB port and that external USB drive should have the Mac OS X operating system installed in it. Follow below mentioned guidelines to achieve it successfully. Shutdown your MacBook and connect the external USB Drive to an USB port

Know how to fix disk boot failure

The word “disc boot failure” is terrifying for most computer users. Actually a disc boot failure notification generally means that your hard drive and operating system might have become useless. It can occur due to various reasons like system instability after a new application or device driver was installed or updated, and if an application was originally loaded from a disk and now it is outdated etc.  in such cases a disk boot failure would occur. Fortunately there is no need to worry much about this, as there are a variety of ways to troubleshoot your system in order to

Know how to avoid fragmentation of hard drive

Disk Fragmentation is the one common reason for reduced system performance. It happens when large files are saved onto your hard disk. In this process, your files will be saved in smaller fragments and are scattered wherever the room is available on your hard drive. When you try to fetch a file, then the hard drive needs to scan the entire disk and find all the fragments of the file, rearrange them and then offers to the user. Thus, it is a very tedious process and reduces the system performance. However, this disk fragmentation becomes inevitable during the usage of

Safeguarding your external hard drive

Nowadays, users use external hard disk due to shortage of space in internal hard disk to store data and to backup their vital files safely and securely. By connecting external hard disk to PC or laptop using either USB connections, you can share files from PC to external hard disk or vice-versa. Moreover, you can use these disks to backup your vital files safe and secure. Data stored on external hard disk can be lost at any situation due to file corruption, virus attacks and many other reasons. Therefore, it is better to safeguard your external disk at your own

Know how to free up disk space

Does your system take several minutes to respond to your command? It is the signs indicating the performance degradation of your computer. The speed of your computer is decreasing day-by-day. This is the result of poor data management. Yes, your hard drive is full of unused and unwanted data and hence, it takes a lot of time to open a single file. The only solution for your problem is to clean up your hard drive. It means you need to remove all unused files and free up your hard drive. This page gives you a few of the ways on

Do’s & Don’ts for Using USB Flash Drives

USB device is called as the first successful disciple of flash technology. IBM and M-Systems released the first model USB model drive with a name “DiskOnKey”. At first, the size was only 8 MB. When compared with a floppy drive it was 5 times larger. Later more advancement came in and the technology improved simultaneously.Along with it many vulnerable related issues also raised accordingly. Few tips to handle USB flash drives: First of all don’t unplug the USB flash drive abruptly or in a hurry. In case if the operating system uses the data inside the USB drive at the

How to mount a NTFS drive on Mac OS X ?

So far it is considered that mounting NTFS means opening an NTFS formatted drive in Mac operating system. But it is not true. Have you ever thought that opening a drive in Windows is not called “Mounting a drive”? To explain it technically, the mounting process is not done by the hardware process of the PC. In Mac based operating systems before the boot of any storage devices by the PC the user or the operating system has to mount the storage drives using mount point and file systems. Moreover the operating system cannot be forced to open an uncategorized