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How to Import Your Files and Settings from Your Old Computer to Windows 10

Import files and settings from old to windows 10

For many of us, we have to put in a good amount of consideration, when it comes to moving on to a new system like Windows 10. We often get into a debate with ourselves on whether, we really need it or not. Most of the time, it is not because we cannot afford it, but simply, because we are so comfortable using the old system and settings. More than anything, we do not want to lose the files and the photos and videos that have been so precious to us the whole time. For those of us, who also

How to View Hidden Files and Folder in Mac?

In Mac OS, some files and directories are invisible or you can say hidden for good reason. It usually means that you do not have to worry at all for these hidden files and folders. However, in case you find that you are in need of these hidden files, folders, and want to make them visible than what you will do. If you do not have any idea, then just read the information below. In order to view hidden files and folders in Mac OS X system you need to perform some actions in Terminal command. Follow below mentioned steps

How to Create Zip Archive on Mac OS X?

Making Zip archives on Mac OS X is not a difficult task. The necessity of making a zip archive comes for all the users in one or the other way. Some makes zip archives by compressing a large number of files to free some space on their systems and some used this advance technique to transfer large number of files over a network. Mac OS X Finder provides an option to make zip formatted compressed archives of multiple files. Compressed archives provide a fast and handy method to decreases the size of one or more files or folders prior to

Imaging vs. Backup software

Imaging and Backup may sound same but in real they are different. There are a lot of differences between imaging data and data backup. Imaging is the secondary storage of the needed data on a single roof. All the data will be bound in a single file format such as an ISO, DAA disk image file types. There is several images backup software available in the internet market for free as well as a paid one.  At the same time data backup refers to the secondary data of the needed one which are stored as it is. For example if

Best Way to Find Hidden Files and Folders in Windows

Hidden files in Windows are normal files but are made invisible. Actually there are two forms of hidden files, the files with “H” attribute are marked by user as hidden and files with “S” attribute are system files marked by OS to prevent the files from being edited by novice users. These system files can be made visible by sending request to the Microsoft OS.  It is also possible to find the files and folders that are hidden by the users. You might be exhausted of searching for those hidden files and folders on your system. However, the procedure to

How to remove Temporary Internet files?

As you visit web pages on the internet using any web browser, automatically all visited page URLs will be saved on your computer hard drive. This allows you to load these pages quickly when you wish to revisit them. All these cache files will be stored in temp folder on your computer hard drive. But, this allows other users who have access to your PC to use or view your private data easily. Moreover, keeping excess of these cookies and the web history details will lead degradation of system performance. They occupy unnecessary storage space and thus make your browser

How to protect Word 2010 document?

More and more users are now liable on the Microsoft Word 2010 as best word processing software. These Word documents might contain sensitive information like personal data (bank account numbers, passwords etc.) and information about your business. In either case, you have to protect your Word 2010 document from intruders or some other data disaster situations.  Hence, Microsoft Word has come up with certain security features with its 2010 version. These features can be used to protect the document in different ways. It includes password protecting the document, making certain parts of the documents as read-only, sealing it with a

Troubleshoot Not a Valid Win32 Application Problem

Factors such as infected files, incompatible files, bad files and hardware incompatibility could cause the “Not a valid win 32 application” problem while opening a file or even after starting up PC. It is one of the most common problem and is faced by many Windows operating system users across the world. But, no need to worry because you can easily fix this issue by following some simple instructions. Once you repaired this issue, your system will return to normal. If you are trying to install a program from a disc then taka it out from CD ROM drive and

How to remove duplicate files in Windows?

Is your system has become junked up with duplicate files? Want to clean up the mess? Then just read below… Duplicate files and folders can clutter up your Windows computer, and can cause confusion. This can happen when same file is saved at different locations. Presence of these duplicate files on your system causes many issues. For example, since both the files have same name, you might delete the most recent file instead of deleting the older one. Additionally, it eats up your disk space and creates unnecessary file confusion. Hence, it’s advisable to remove these duplicate files to free

How to Clean Unwanted files from your Hard Drive?

Occasional as you use your hard drive, it becomes clogged with unwanted and unnecessary files which would consume more system resources. At times it could even accumulate a number of large, space-wasting files that are of no value to you. These files could be your internet history, old files and many more. Longer these files stay on your hard drive, more likelihood that your hard drive speed and efficiency declines. Hence, such files needs to be reviewed manually and cleared from the hard drive. If your hard drive is cluttered with programs and files, you can clear them from the