How to Create Windows 8 Recovery Disk

Usually when users install or upgrade to Windows 8 they don’t get benefited by its advanced features. And one of the most useful feature of Windows 8 operating system is Recovery Drive or Disk. When you create Recovery Disk on a media then it can be used when your computer does not boot up, this will facilitate you to use some set of advanced repair and troubleshooting tools. Once the recovery disk is created then you will be able to boot Windows 8 from it easily. One of the very first thing what you need to do when you are

How to Disable Automatic Restart Windows 8

Automatic restart usually takes place when some activities such as Windows update, software installation, system errors and many more takes place. For an instance assume that you have updated your Windows 8 operating system and the computer now prompts you to restart the computer, but at present you might not like to restart your computer as some other important operation is been in progress. You may now think that how can I disable the automatic restart in Windows 8? What are the possible measures which can be employed so that there is no harm to my computer? However, don’t worry;

How to Troubleshoot Computer Errors?

There exist many techniques to recognize and fix computer problems. Many of us possibly have known some primary steps that we follow to troubleshoot computer problems. I’m not suggesting that there is only one right method to analyze and fix an issue, but they probably have some commonalities. Furthermore, there are abundant number of third party tools and different ways to perform troubleshooting methods. However, here’s an overview of my own thought procedure when approaching a system issue. Troubleshooting System or Laptop Error Popup: Laptop or computer error would emerge frequently on account of any malfunctioning software. Windows PCs are

Troubleshooting device driver issues

Troubleshooting device driver issues Often when you connect any external device on your computer you might receive error messages indicating driver corruption or it might go unrecognized by your computer. In such instances the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers. The Device Manager in Windows is the one that will report about the devices that are not working correctly. However, many of these problems can be solved just by updating or reinstalling the drivers in the Device Manager. This page provides an overview of the troubleshooting steps to resolve driver issues. Step 1: Open the Device

Fix PC with NO Boot and NO POST

Sometimes when you switch on the system, it fails to boot as normal or provides some sort of power on self-test beep codecs, the main reason behind this might be loose connections, hardware failures or lack of power supply. In order to find out specific cause behind system boot order failure, you need to perform some actions in sequence. Hence, follow below mentioned steps in order to fix this issue and boot system safely. Initially make sure that power is supplying or not by inspecting power cord whether it is fully seated properly or not at the both ends. Check

How to fix a slow running Windows PC?

Most of the Windows users might be have been in this same situation. It happens that longer we use our PCs, slower they become. Many of you might assume that it is the common problem and is caused due to aging of the PC components and virus infection. You may be even advised to format your PC and this will solve all your Windows issues. Actually, that’s not true!! The reality is that these aging process or virus infections are not the only reasons to make your PC to run slowly. The root causes for this performance degradation are many!!

Troubleshoot Startup Problems in Windows XP

Many Windows XP users face start up problems when there is hardware driver issues, software incompatibility, formation of bad hard disk sectors, damaged system files. All these factors prevent your system booting safely. If you are struggling to fix it then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot it. In the beginning startup the PC and click “F8”key on your keyboard frequently, until you get Windows Advanced Boot options screen Choose “Safe Mode” option to run your PC and Press  “Enter” key As you get Windows Screen, Click on “Start”, and then choose “Control Panel”. Select “Classic View” in the left

How to fix Sad Face Icon error in iPods?

Nowadays, many people fond of listening to music and their routine will not complete unless listening to their beloved music. Moreover, we can see many users own iPod due to its portable facilities and ease of transferring media files, and other features.  Suppose, you unexpectedly have gotten sad face icon error and lost access to your iPod then do not worry. There are few simple steps mentioned below, you just follow to fix it. Step 1: Initially open the iPod case. To open it use any things such as knife, a thin spatula, or anything else you can find to

Why iPod freezes up? What are the ways to avoid it?

At times when you are listening to your favorite music on iPod, your iPod might stop playing the music and would become inaccessible and might not respond to any requests given here after. Then the iPod is said to be frozen. Even the most popular and the best audio players have their own limitations, as with iPods also. In some cases, it can be fixed with reboot or by charging the battery. But sometimes, you will have to replace the iPod and also you might lose all your favorite music, pics and videos from it. Actually, there is no one

How can I make my virus infected pen drive usable?

Many people frequently use pen drives to store and transfer a wide and variety of data between computers. Pen drives offers many useful features like high storage capacity, portable, speed etc. However since these devices are plug and play, they are more prone to virus infection than any other devices. Viruses on pen drive can severely damage the files stored on it and worse make the drive inaccessible and unusable. A pen drive infected with virus has the following symptoms. The files in pen drive are displayed in weird characters like “ΩäCÄφyu.┼” or “√¬O+úφ.$⌡”and so on When you try to