How to Partition an External Hard Drive on Windows 8?

An external hard drive has a specific amount of memory space that can be divided into number of parts called partitions. By creating more number of partitions on external hard disk, you can easily manage and organize files and folders efficiently and even you can install multiple copies of Operating System. However, creating a partition on external hard drive on Windows 8 OS is not a complex task. Just follow below mentioned steps to create partitions on external HD: Start Windows 8 system and connect external hard disk to it via data cable Click on Start button and type “diskmgmt.msc”

How to Check Hard Drive Issues on Mac?

Do wish to check issues with the hard drive on your Mac? You can easily check for any issues and meanwhile fix them if you wish too. In this page, I have explained few steps to how to check hard drive issues on Mac. You just go through each step and do the same in your system. Click on the “Go” option from the top Finder toolbar and select “Applications” from drop-down menu. Open the application folder and then click on the “Utilities” folder. Next double click on the “Disk Utility” icon, a pop-up screen will display. Choose the hard

Hard Drive Boot Problems

Usually a hard drive play main role in storing users data. When this hard drive fail to boot properly, user may feel very hectic since their valuable data stored in it. When this happens to your system also, then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot hard drive booting problems. In order to run a system properly, power supply plays a main role. Therefore, first you check the power cable, whether it is properly connected to socket or not. If the cable is connected properly then check whether the power is supplying properly to all the components or not. Next check,

How to Allocate an Unallocated Hard Drive?

A hard drive will be completely successful only if it is allocated. Hard drive space allocation means making it ready for data storage purpose. On the hard drive space allocation process the size, label and the file system for data structure purpose will be given to that particular hard drive volume or partition. Different operating systems use different methodologies for allocating the unallocated space in the hard drive. Here a detailed procedure to allocate an unallocated hard drive is provided with the procedural steps. Windows is one of the operating system that provides option to allocate an unallocated hard drive

Difference between SSD & Normal Hard Drives

Until recently, PC buyers had only few choices for selecting what kind of storage device to use with their laptop or desktop and the form factor had just a hard disk drive (HDD). But now, you have a choice to configure your system with either an HDD, SSD, or in some cases both. How will you choose between them? What are the major differences between normal HDD and SSD? Here are few differences between SSDs and HDDs that might help you with this, Read further to know all of them… What is a HDD? Hard drives are considered as the

Steps to create a Bootable Windows CD

I believe most of you would be aware that, in order to install Windows OS, one needs to boot the computer off of the CD. But, in case you have lost your Windows installation CD and you only have the files of a Windows CD as a backup copy, then what will you do? Unfortunately, these files are not simple files and cannot be simply burned into a new CD as it won’t boot. So, now what can be done? Don’t worry; there is no need to worry about such instances! Here is a perfect way using which you can

Ways to upgrade a Mac hard drive

Hard drive is the storage device wherein all your programs and other files are stored on your Mac computer. As your hard drive becomes old, its storage necessity increases and even the speed diminishes gradually. Often people try to upgrade to faster hard drives in such instances. If you are planning for upgrading your Mac, then you’ll need to purchase a faster drive. Replacing just requires only few steps. Actually, the upgrading procedure differs for both Mac Desktop hard drive and MacBook series Laptop hard drives. Don’t worry! This page covers both the procedures. Below explained is the procedure to

How to Clean Unwanted files from your Hard Drive?

Occasional as you use your hard drive, it becomes clogged with unwanted and unnecessary files which would consume more system resources. At times it could even accumulate a number of large, space-wasting files that are of no value to you. These files could be your internet history, old files and many more. Longer these files stay on your hard drive, more likelihood that your hard drive speed and efficiency declines. Hence, such files needs to be reviewed manually and cleared from the hard drive. If your hard drive is cluttered with programs and files, you can clear them from the

How to identify bad drivers on your hard disk?

Whenever you connect a device to your computer, it requires a device driver to communicate between the operating system and the devices. Actually these drivers are just a piece of software code that explains the computer on how to control the device. These drivers have to be updated regularly to maintain your hard drive in a proper condition. If not, your system performance might degrade drastically and become very slow. Hence, it’s always advisable to check your hard drive for bad and outdated drivers to get rid of these problems. The driver is considered bad, if it is corrupt or

Know how to avoid fragmentation of hard drive

Disk Fragmentation is the one common reason for reduced system performance. It happens when large files are saved onto your hard disk. In this process, your files will be saved in smaller fragments and are scattered wherever the room is available on your hard drive. When you try to fetch a file, then the hard drive needs to scan the entire disk and find all the fragments of the file, rearrange them and then offers to the user. Thus, it is a very tedious process and reduces the system performance. However, this disk fragmentation becomes inevitable during the usage of