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10 Best Features of Office 365

Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Office which was launched in 2011. Earlier, it was targeted for corporate users. After the advent of Office 2013, Office 365 got more prominence even among general users. Actually it is a cloud based application which works on multiple devices ranging from your Phone, PC and Tablets. Also, it can be used to access your files anywhere. There are many features which makes Office 365 the best online document editing tool that you ever need. Let us see some of them. Multiple users editing a single document at the same time: A single

How to Rebuild a PST file?

Wondering why Outlook doesn’t open normally or throws error messages every time you access your Outlook PST file. This can be due to the PST file corruption. There is no one particular reason for PST file corruption. For example, incompatibility issues between the PST file and the Windows version, oversized PST file, severe virus infection to the PST file, improper way of terminating the Outlook application and many more. However, the only fix for all these issues is to rebuild the PST file. So now how to rebuild the PST? Don’t worry, for this Microsoft offers a free “Inbox Repair

How to Withdraw Sent Outlook Mail?

Have you clicked “send mail” option in Outlook before completing the mail? Sent a wrong mail to a wrong person using Outlook and want to pull it back? Want to re-edit the sent mail in Outlook? On the whole the answer is yes! The mail sent through Microsoft Outlook application can be reverted back or reedited on one condition. If you opt for a mail recall in Outlook the mail on the receiver end should not be opened or viewed in other words the mail has to be unread. There are several prerequisites are also there. The option to perform

How to Add Events to an Outlook Calendar?

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email client that allows you to not only send and receive emails but even to keep track of all your day-to-day events. These events could be activities that last for 24 hours or more. Some of these events include birthday, meetings, group schedules and perform other tasks, reminders, etc.  All these can be done using the Calendar and scheduling component of your Microsoft Outlook that is fully integrated with e-mail, contacts, and other features. Actually these events do not display in individual time slots like appointments do. They are displayed in a small banner area

Ways to Improve Outlook Performance

We know that MS Outlook is an email client that is used by both individuals and business peoples across the globe. This advanced email client application has a variety of features that most individuals do not use or need in day-to-day operations. However, these additional features can slow and unstable your Outlook application and it can put user in a serious problem and even increases your stress level. Keeping this problem of Outlook in mind, here are few simple steps discussed that can keep your MS Outlook running smoothly and even increases its performance up to some extent. Keep Outlook

Windows Live Mail to PST Converter

Switched your mail platform from Windows Live Mail to Outlook?  Are you stuck every time while opening email? This is because the Outlook does not provide any option to open Windows Live Mail format directly. So having no additional technique, you have search for other options. However, there is nothing to worry about this issue at all. You will just have to convert your Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST file. This is done by importing all your Windows Live mail to the PST file. It’s just a few minutes process and your entire Windows Live data will be in

MS Outlook Problems and Solution

Having problems with your Outlook program? Can’t find a solution to fix them? Then just read on to know the solutions to fix the issues. Outlook is currently the de facto standard email client in the corporate world. It is considered as the default email client that helps to establish safe and secure internal communications within an organization. But there are times when Outlook might throw some error messages, freeze, or become irresponsive etc. due to some unknown reasons. When that happens, if you don’t know any tricks to fix them, then you will be frustrated as you lose access

How to protect Word 2010 document?

More and more users are now liable on the Microsoft Word 2010 as best word processing software. These Word documents might contain sensitive information like personal data (bank account numbers, passwords etc.) and information about your business. In either case, you have to protect your Word 2010 document from intruders or some other data disaster situations.  Hence, Microsoft Word has come up with certain security features with its 2010 version. These features can be used to protect the document in different ways. It includes password protecting the document, making certain parts of the documents as read-only, sealing it with a

Fix Outlook Sync Errors

Synchronization is a built-in process in Microsoft Outlook that happens regularly whenever the PST files or OST file gets updated. That is as and when the Outlook sends and receives emails or any other folder is updated, simultaneously it even updates the Exchange Server about these changes. For example, when you edit, delete, send or receive an email in Microsoft Outlook, the changes will also be updated on the Microsoft Exchange Server. At times, due to some reasons this process might get interrupted or your Outlook may fail to perform synchronization successfully. Depending on your email account settings, the amount

How to delete Outlook profile?

Outlook is one of the major email application used for business purpose, in that we can create number of profiles to maintain different email accounts in a single host system. Each Outlook profile could consists of email account information including settings of specific user. Suppose you have created three or more profiles of different user email accounts. After some days, you may feel uncomfortable for having two or more profiles in your Outlook because you cannot switch between profiles when Outlook is running. Due to this, you may decide to delete profiles, but if you do not know how to