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NTFS VS FAT32 What is Right for You

FAT is shortened for File Allocation Table and FAT 32 is an extension which means data will be stored in chunks of 32 bits. NTFS is shortened for New Technology File system and is a superior version over FAT as the chief file system utilized in Windows OS based system. Prior to the introduction of NTFS file system all the hard drives were partitioned with FAT 32 file system and there was no issue for making images at any time. When compared to NTFS, FAT 32 file system is older, but is simple and more readable from wide number of

How to Resize a Partition in OS X?

Mac OS X comprises of Disk utility application that helps you to resize disk partition and even you can modify a mounted volume. With this tool, you can enlarge or shrink the size of an existing partition regardless of whether the drives are internal or an external one.  Most users always wish to resize their existing partition for making a number of partitions for managing stored data. However, with lack knowledge about it they will fail and finally end up with errors. Therefore, here I am explaining the procedure by stepwise. You just go through them one by one and

How to Change File System without Losing Data

File system is used for operation system to organize and keep track of files stored on hard disk. It allows allocates memory space to store files on hard disk. File system such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT all are having different file system architecture and allocation of memory is different. Therefore, user often would like to change their existing file system from lower version to higher version i.e. lower version to higher version.  However, there is high proficiency to lose data while performing file system conversion. Therefore, here I am suggesting a method, which performs file system conversion

Know about Windows Boot Camp partition and steps to delete it

Boot camp is a multi-boot utility or an application provided by Apple Inc. that assists users to install Windows OS on Intel based Mac machines that have Mac 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It has two programs; one is Boot camp assistant and Boot Camp software.  The utility’s Boot Camp Assistant guides users in disk partitioning and even resizing an existing HFS+ partition of their hard disk drive. It reserves one partition for Windows without harming the data that’s present on the device. And with this Boot camp assistant you can even restore your Mac machine to its

How to merge two partitions?

A hard disk drive simply called as HDD, can be divided into smaller drives called as partitions. These computer partitions are very useful for Windows users, as they help them separate system files with application files and furthermore they are very useful while trying to run multiple operating systems on a computer. But sometimes, there comes a need where you run out of space on one of your main partitions and you want to extend it. In such cases you can merge your partition with one of the other to extend its storage space. This can be done using two

How to extend a partition without losing data?

Partitioning is a process of splitting the hard drive memory into one or more logical unit referred as partitions. Before installing an OS your hard drive must be partitioned i.e. it makes your hard drive ready to accept your data. You can easily re-size your partition size that is you can extend or shrink the size of your partition easily when needed. You have a hard drive with two partitions, one of which has OS installed and the other contains data. Over time, you may run out of memory for the OS partition, due to excessive data storage. In such cases if