Office 2013 lost file recovery

Microsoft Office 2013, the successor of Office 2010, is the latest release of the Microsoft Office series. It has extended support for file formats, more advanced user interface & enabled for touch devices. Apart from its all the enhanced features, the problem of data loss stays where it was in the earlier versions of Microsoft Office. The most commonly made mistake by every user is the accidental deletion of important documents. While removing some unwanted documents, an individual might select & delete crucial files like important Word docs, business presentations or an excel sheet containing some important data.

Have you lost important MS Office files & now looking for a solution?

If Yes, then don’t worry! The files that you think you have lost, are actually not gone forever. When you delete a file, the operating system just removes the file pointers pointing towards that particular file & the memory space is made available for the new files to get stored. This means that by using an efficient recovery tool like Remo Recover, the deleted or lost files can always be brought back. But there is one limitation; the user should immediately stop using the device from which the loss happened. Otherwise, if new files overwrites the old ones, then there is no recovery software which can bring them back. But if precautions are taken then you can definitely restore the MS Office files.

What does the software do for you?

The Remo Recover is one of the best Office file recovery softwares available in the market. It is widely recommended by many of our satisfied customers & industry experts. The software is specially developed to retrieve deleted or lost Office files like PPT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, etc. It makes use of its inbuilt powerful scanning algorithms & get back all the erased or missing files. Remo Recover is considered as a read-only & non-destructive tool as it does not modify the original files & other files are also not affected during the recovery process. Any user with or without the knowledge of the recovery process, can easily operate the tool as it has a wizard style interface with instructions on each step. With just a few mouse clicks & few minutes, all your deleted or lost MS Office files will be back with you.

Salient features of Remo Software –

  • Signature search option to perform customized file recovery
  • Add / Edit Signature to add the file extensions that are not listed in the tool
  • Create Disk Image to create the image of the disk from which the loss happened, to perform recovery at a later point of time
  • Save Recovery session enables to restart the recovery session from the point where the user has stopped, in the demo version & save the recovered files after purchasing the full version of the tool
  • Find tool helps in performing fast search of the required file from the recovered items list
  • Preview option in the demo version helps in judging the tool’s performance & check it for recovery

Apart from MS office files, this software is capable of retrieving more than 300 types of files that includes pictures, video, audio, documents, EXE files, RAR / compressed / zipped files, etc.

Take a look at the following steps to perform easy recovery –

1. Welcome Screen - Recover Files

2. Select "Recover Lost Files" option

3. Choose drive

4. Scanning progress

5. Recovered Files

6. Preview Recovered Files

7. Save Recovered

Or visit the following video tutorial to perform step by step recovery

Remo Recover can also be used in the scenarios like –

  • Accidental or intentional formatting
  • File system corruption
  • Virus infection
  • Application malfunction, & many more
  • Moreover you can also perform recovery on various storage devices

To recover deleted MS office files from USB drive, click here.

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