Restore Deleted Data using RM Command

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I have accidentally deleted one of the vitals files instead of deleting unwanted files by using rm command. Is there any solution to recover them back?

Don’t worry, after reading this article you will get a clear idea of recovering deleted files using rm command. Whenever you delete files using rm command line in Windows, deleted files will not store into Recycle Bin instead file gets unlinked from the file allocation table. The File still resided on hard disk but its link is removed from the table and that file is not available for you. In such situation, you should avail any file recovery software to get them back. The Recovery process is possible only when that file is not overwritten by other files.

What scenarios make you delete files from hard disk on Windows?

Suppose you wish to delete some unwanted files from drive in order to make space for other files to store. You should use rm command along with you need to provide file path name. In case, providing specified path name if you provide other file path then it results in a loss of files.

After downloading data from internet, somehow you will come to know that it has been affected from virus attacks. So decide to kill that file from storage devices using rm command instead of keeping in hard disk. However, if you keep that file then virus spread to other files and deletes files. Keeping this information in mind you delete that virus infected file even though it is important for you and finally it results in a loss of files. In such situation, use Remo Recover Windows tool to get them back efficiently and it makes your data free from virus attacks.

How this software helps to get back deleted files?

Initially, it scans your drive in deep to locate all deleted or missing files with the help of effective built-in algorithms, which are embedded in software. It is capable to locate more than 300 files such as audio, video, office documents and other files. Once after performing scanning process it list files for recovery. In that list, you can select either all files or required files for recovery. Finally, it lists all recovered files from that drive.

Why should you prefer this software?

  • It also recovers files even after performing formatting or reformatting hard drive
  • It scans a drive completely in a couple of minutes
  • Recovers files from Recycle Bin and Trash after emptying it accidentally
  • Recovers files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions
  • Provides tremendous fast Find Tool to find files in recovered file list
  • Effective in graphical user interface which makes easy in the recovery process

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Steps to perform recovery process

  • Download this tool and install successfully on your PC. Main screen appears after double clicking on the desktop icon, select Recover Files option and next select Recover Deleted Files option and proceed to next step.
  • Choose partition and click on Next button to start scanning and recovery process
  • Once you complete recovery process, you can preview the list of files recovered from that volume

Tips to avoid data loss

  • Practice good working habits
  • Scan your PC with regularly with the updated antivirus tool
  • Backup your vital data

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