Recover lost PDF document

"I had converted many office documents from Word to PDF format and stored in my hard disk. One day I was about to store those PDF documents on USB drive but while transferring from my PC to USB drive, encountered an interruption and I have lost many PDF documents. So, can anyone suggest a solution to recover those lost PDF documents?"

Many users lose their valuable documents while transferring them from one machine to removable storage devices like USB drives, if they encountered with any interruption such as sudden PC shutting down, abrupt ejection of USB drive etc, then sometimes it leads to loss of documents. In such situation, do not get panic soon and be cool! Because your documents have not lost permanently, but they still resides at the same storage location on hard disk and you cannot be able to access those files due to lack of pointer reference. In such instance, you need to use professional file recovery software like Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) application that efficiently get back lost PDF documents.

Note: Don’t install Remo Recover utility on the drive from where you have lost PDF documents because there are chances of PDF documents will get overwritten that reduces possibility of documents recovery.

How do your PDF files get lost?

Suppose while transferring PDF documents from PC to USB storage drives if any interruption encounters such as sudden reboot of system, abruptly removing USB storage drive etc. then files that are being in transferring mode will get lost.

Virus and malware can easily enters your system when you are sharing infected data from other sources, connecting infected USB drives and browsing internet without clicking on “Block reported attack sites” check box etc. Once these virus and malware enters your system, they start corrupting all files stored on computer. If files are severely attacked by them then files are hidden and finally, results in loss of files. In such instance, if you wish to get them back as they were before then use proficient applications like Remo Recover (Windows / Mac).

Other file loss scenarios are

  • File lost after accidental deletion
  • Files lost from Recycle Bin or Trash
  • Due to bad sectors on HDD

Why to use Remo Recover?

Remo Recover Windows Basic edition application quickly recover PDF documents that has got deleted or lost from any storage devices. In addition to PDF files, it has capability to restore more than 300 file types including audio, video and office documents. You can even add file signatures, which are not present during documents retrieval. In addition, you can recover required files only by selecting them before performing recovery process. Tool includes “Save Recovery Session” that saves your time by ignoring re-scanning of drive whenever you want to recover files. 

How to use this tool?

  • Download the software and install it on PC. Once you launch the software, open its main window and Select "Recover Files" option. In next window, choose "Recover Lost Files" option and proceed to further step.
  • Choose the drive from where you have lost PDF files and click on "Next" button to initialize scanning and recovery process.
  • Once recovery process completed, tool provides option to preview files. If you satisfied with obtained results then buy activation key to save those recovered files to any specified destination.

Tips to avoid loss of PDF documents

  • Always backup files before making any changes to your system
  • Regularly scan your PC with updated antivirus tool
  • Practice best usage of system and avoid simple mistakes that causes file loss
  • Don’t shutdown your PC when PDF document is in use