Recover Photos after System Restore

  • Recover photos lost after System Restore of your Laptop or Computer
  • Restore photos after you reset your digital camera or camcorder to factory settings
  • Get back lost photos from corrupted flash memory cards (SD, XD, CF, and MMC), memory sticks, digital camera, iPod, flash drives, hard drives etc.
  • Supports lost photo recovery on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems

Restore lost pictures after performing system restore or reset to factory settings

Did you restore your computer using a system restore CD / DVD or did you reset your digital camera to its original factory settings? Did you lose all the precious photos that you had stored? Even after losing the photos permanently from your computer hard drive, memory card or other external storage devices recovery is still possible with the help of a photo recovery software.

You may lose photos, office files, audio and video files from your computer hard drive that you had saved recently if you opt for restoring your system to a system restore point. But if you run a system restore CD it basically takes your system back to its original factory settings and don't mistake this as a backup restore point, as the restore CD will wipe out entire data on your laptop or computer. Same applies if you restore your digital camera or the digital camcorder to its factory settings.

Remo Recover can help you recover data from these kind of situations.

Note: After restoring the more you use your computer hard disk drive the fewer are the chances of recovery, as the lost photos will be overwritten and will be lost forever.

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