Memory Card File Recovery on Windows 8

Remo Recover is a one go solution to for recovering lost or deleted data from Memory cards in Windows 8!! Helps you to retrieve back your photos, videos, songs, RAW images or other multimedia files which from corrupt or formatted memory card in Windows 8 computers in an easy way! Download Now!!

Many of us might have experienced a data loss situation while accessing the memory cards in Windows 8 systems. Your memory card may not open due to corruption or you accidentally deleted files from it or you formatted the card without backup. In either of the situations, you will lose your important files like photos, audio files and videos that has been stored on your memory cards with just accidental key stroke!

What would be your further move then? You will strive hard to retrieve back those files at any cost, since they are the most important and valuable things of your life. Now, the question may arise on how to do it efficiently? Well, the simple answer is: just go for Remo Recover tool, which helps you to restore all your files that has been deleted or lost from memory card. It can even retrieve back the files from the corrupted, formatted or inaccessible memory cards.

Data Loss in Memory Cards – Causes

  • Memory Card Corruption – “The Card needs to be formatted. Do you want to format it now?”, “Card is locked” etc. These kind of error messages may pop out if the card is corrupted which won’t allow you to access any files from it
  • Accidental File Deletion – You might have accidentally deleted some files from your memory card on Windows 8 computers and later recognize them as an important one
  • Interruption in File Transfer – While transferring files from memory card to any other storage devices, interruption may occur, say, sudden cancellation or abruptly plugging out the memory card may lead to file loss

These type of scenarios are totally unpredictable and they may happen at any time. Nevertheless, Remo Recover software provides a clear solution to recover deleted files from memory cards in an easy and quick way. It provides you complete assistance right from launching the software to recovery of files with its user-friendly GUI. Also, the software even assists you to recover deleted photos from Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and other available Windows OS versions including the latest Windows 10.

Memory card types supported: Remo Card recovery software will recover photos from XD cards, SD cards, SDHC cards, SDXC, CF cards, mini SD card, MMC and many others of all popular brands.

Supported Camera Brands: Remo Recover Software will recover lost photos from Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm and other camera brands.

How to recover memory card files on Windows 8?

When your memory cards become corrupt it may not allow you to open and also insist on formatting. At such scenarios, Remo Recover software acts efficiently and helps you to carry out corrupted memory card recovery efficiently without any glitches. The advanced recovery algorithms of Remo Recover scans the memory card completely and recovers the deleted or lost files from corrupt memory card safely.

Not just these, this utility even lets you recover photos from formatted USB drive, iPods and other storage devices including mobile phone, hard drive, flash drive, etc. in a fast and secure manner. Once recovery is completed, the software lists all recovered files in “Data view” and “File Type View”. You can then preview the recovered files before saving. In case you have any glitches while installing or using the software, you can contact our technical support personnel available 24 / 7.

How to avoid file loss in memory cards on Windows 8?

  • Take regular backup of files from memory cards and save them to any reliable storage device
  • Avoid interrupting file transfer between memory card and other devices
  • Do not use the same memory card in multiple devices