Repair GoPro Video

Ever wondered how you would get behind the wheel of a drift car, pitch it sideways, and film each experience of it. It’s possible with the help of GoPro camera series. Whether you are a sports geek or adventurous fellow or not both, you might definitely have heard about GoPro. GoPro is world’s leading brand which features wearable camera / camcorder models. They develop amazingly tough and high definition cameras.  It generates high quality action image, which drove more and more people to use them. It is always the first choice for adventurous racers, competition shooters, athletes, survivalists etc. Also used for base jumping, shooting a 3-gun match or mountain dragging etc.

You can just mount these cameras to you and easily capture all the action. Not only when you are on the earth or sky, you can even capture videos underwater, because these cameras have polycarbonate HD Housing which is shockproof and waterproof, which can withstand depths up to 180 ft. / 60 meters.

What if your GoPro camera videos get corrupt?

Before you capture any photos or videos, always make sure your camera battery is full and is intact. Capturing or filming a video when battery is low might damage your video. But it’s a known fact that many of us are very ignorant about it and just feels “before it switches off lets capture a small clip”, and hence you go using it, but in case if the battery is dead at midst your entire video for which you were dreamt from years and worked hard to capture it will all get corrupt. Such situations make you feel depressed and lose all hopes on it. Luckily, that’s not the end of it; you can view your favorite video within minutes. All these will be possible just with the help of Remo Repair MOV tool, which is the only solution to fix your video.

Scenarios where Remo Repair MOV comes in handy can get your GoPro videos back:

  • When camera locks up or freezes due to improper usage or extreme temperature
  • When you encounter SoS errors like “The file is not a movie file” while trying to access your GoPro videos
  • Battery dies or popped out due to intense vibration while recording the video
  • Abruptly removing the card from the camera, while filming or any kind of physical damage to the camera

The above mentioned situations leads to damage or corruption of your GoPro video files, therefore Remo Repair MOV can be very helpful in such situations.

How Remo Repair MOV works?

The Repair process for these videos includes re-indexing and deep analyzing techniques. Actually, GoPro HD records your videos in the MPEG-4 and the output file will be in .mp4 and for compression, it uses the AVC codec implementing h.264 codec standard. Hence, Remo Repair MOV is specially designed with the highly-advanced algorithms involving the above mentioned techniques and to support this file format and the codec. It extracts the every bit of the corrupt video and fixes your video. Not just this, it even supports other file formats and even the codecs like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and for audio; sowt, RAW, mp4a. It even supports all various models of GoPro cameras like GoPro HD (includes Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3), GoPro Helmet Hero, Motorsports Hero, Hero Naked and Hero 96 etc.

Additional features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Can even repair MP4 video files and MOV files that are over-sized
  • Compatible with all various versions of both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Enables you to preview the repaired file, even before purchasing the tool, i.e. using trial version itself
  • Also, you can repair your videos even from the hard drives, external drives, iPods, memory cards and many other USB devices
  • Supports repair of files even from other camera brands like Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Lexar, Fujitsu etc.

Just 4 steps ahead of playing your unplayable GoPro video:

First and foremost download the Remo Repair MOV tool and install it on your PC. Just follow these four simple steps:

  • Browse and select one healthy GoPro video file for reference and the corrupt GoPro video file
  • Initiate the repair process by pressing “Repair” tab
  • Once the process is complete, preview it with the help of “Preview Repaired File” button
  • Save the file using “Save Repaired File” tab

Notable Points:

  • Always make sure that your camera battery is full before capturing a video
  • Make sure you don’t eject the memory card while camera is still processing
  • Do not use the memory card in different cameras or devices