Repair Outlook Email Account

"I have installed Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 and it was working fine. Now I am not able to access my email account. Even I am fed up with searching solution for it; please help me out to reach my email."

Do not worry, in this article we have described about all reasons behind how your Outlook email account becomes unapproachable and meanwhile given solution to get easy access to it. MS Outlook is one of the efficient email applications being used many users worldwide. Using this one can easily send and receive emails. It also includes a calendar, inbox items, task manager, contact manger, notes, RSS feeds etc. All these Outlook attributes are stored into file called PST. However, this application flexible in using but sometimes you may face problems in access email account due to PST file corruption after attacked by virus threats. You will get access to your Outlook email account after fixing PST file and errors raised in Outlook 2003 by using one of the best tools like Remo Repair Outlook.

Various reasons that makes Outlook email account unapproachable

  • Virus attacks: When virus threats enter into your PC, easily spread to all files and starts corrupting them including your PST file. If PST files gets corrupt, then yours Outlook become unapproachable. So avoid entering virus attacks into your system and scan regularly with updated antivirus tool.
  • Oversized PST file: For each version of Outlook PST files have limited storage. In Outlook 2003 PST file size is 20 GB. Incase data is stored beyond 20 GB then PST file starts corrupting itself and data may get deleted. So regularly remove unwanted data from PST file and avoid corruption of PST file.
  • Using Scan PST tool: It is the built-in tool provided in Outlook to fix PST files after corrupt. Suppose if use this tool fix severely corrupted PST file then it starts corrupting more instead of fixing it. Finally, consequences in loss of files and your Outlook become inaccessible.

Due to above said reasons, your Outlook email account become unapproachable and you are in fear of losing valuable emails. If so then do not worry because using Remo Repair Outlook PST tool, you can easily fix such errors. That is you can repair oversized PST file, which has got corrupt due to size limitation error. It can also recovers lost or deleted Outlook attributes such as calendar items, RSS feeds, deleted items, notes, contacts etc. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool, which makes a novice user to operate this tool easily.

Steps involved in fixing errors raised in Outlook

  • Initially download tool and install on PC. As soon as you double click on tool’s shortcut icon, main screen appears with three main option Open PST file, Find PST file and Select Outlook Profile. Select appropriate option and move on to next steps
  • Select the appropriate drive and click find to search incase PST file is not located in default location
  • Select suitable scanning method and provide destination location to save fixed PST file
  • Once fixing is done, tool displays list of files recovered in PST file

Do and don’t in Outlook

  • Backup regularly
  • Exit Outlook before shutting down PC
  • Disable virus scanner integration
  • Keep your PST file free from errors
  • Do not import but connect to PST files
  • Do not connect to PST files located in a network share
  • Use rules to organize your emails

NOTE: If due to any of the reasons your PST gets corrupted, then please click here to perform PST recovery operation.