Data Recovery from SATA HDD

Easily recover files which are deleted or lost after formatting SATA hard drive with Remo Recover software. You can even get back data from SATA hard disk which fails to boot or crashed. Just few steps and you’ll get what you’ve lost!!!!

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, referred as SATA among users is a hard drive used for storing operating systems, software’s or other files. Main advantages of using SATA hard drive is that it can be used as plug and play device and it has high data transfer rate. Despite of having advantages, data contained in SATA hard drive is vulnerable to loss as accidents comes without any prior notifications.

Accidents like hard drive crash, unintentional formatting, accidental deletion, etc. will result in loss of files from SATA hard drive. However, you can overcome such incidents by using the backup of your data, but the situation becomes tensed if you don’t have any backup. Now you might think the files stored in SATA hard drive are gone and can’t be recovered. But, data recovery after all these incidents is still possible by using Remo Recover software.

Remo Recover Software for Hard Drive Recovery

Remo Recover software is tailor made for hard drive recovery including SATA hard drives. Data loss from SATA hard drive due to accidental format, re-formatting error, corrupted partition, partition / re-partition error, improper formatting, etc. can be recovered easily. It also allows you to retrieve files from missing partitions, crashed hard drives, hard drive which fails to boot and so on. This software recognizes and scoops out files of over 300 different formats and is available for systems running on Windows and Mac OS.

Supported Hard Drive Brands: Hitachi, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LaCie, Buffalo, Transcend and many more.

Causes of data loss from SATA hard drive

  • Accidental deletion of files using Shift + Delete keys or wrong usage of Cut and Paste command
  • Accidental formatting or Improper formatting of SATA hard drive
  • Reformatting of SATA hard drive by converting FAT to NTFS file system also cause data loss
  • Data loss from SATA hard drive due to boot sector corruption

Follow these precautions to avoid data loss from SATA hard drive in future

  • Always keep backup of files so that you can restore them when needed
  • Use efficient Anti-virus software to tackle viruses
  • Do not use hard drive after data loss

Steps to Recover Data from SATA Hard Drive

  • Download and install the software on your PC. Then run the application and select “Recover Partition / Drives” option
  • Now, from the next window, choose between “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” based on your requirement.
  • Select your SATA hard drive from the list of drives, then click on "Next" button
  • After the completion of scanning process, software will display the list of recovered files. Recovered files can be viewed in advance using an option called "Preview"

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