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"Recently I added an additional SSD drive to my PC. Since it was a new one I tried to format it. But by mistake I formatted the previously existing drive, in which I kept all my important stuffs. Is there any good recovery software that can restore data from my formatted SSD."

To be factual, Yes!! You can restore data from your formatted solid state drive. The fact where the SSD differs from the traditional hard drive is it doesn’t have any electro mechanical component. It makes use of integrated circuits to store data. The recovery process is same as it done in normal HDD. So recovering data from the SSDs is also easy when you use good recovery software.

Many people have a wrong thought that data deleted from SSD’s cannot be retrieved back as it makes use of integrated circuit. Please show pity on them, because the data which are deleted from the SSD’s at any situations can be retrieved back using our Remo Recover Windows software. This legitimate hard drive recovery tool has the ability to restore data from all types of SSD brands.

Reasons for why it is preferred by our customers?

Remo Recover Windows has a potential mechanism to search and restore the files from any kind of solid state drives for the user. It also provides an option to retrieve data even from the corrupted and partitioned SSD’s. Since the efficiency and accuracy of this software in SSD is high, our users who have enjoyed fruitful results have given good credentials. Our tool Remo Recover Windows comes in three different editions Basic, Media and Pro. This is to satisfy users of all categories;

Basic Edition: Consider that you need to recover only a few data that are shift + deleted from your SSD. In this situation the basic edition will be helpful. It has excellent features and is the best software to recover folder from Recycle Bin in a successful manner.

Media Edition: If you are in need to restore your media files stored in your SSD you can make use of media edition which has the ability to restore almost all type of media files like MP4, JPEG, AC3, WMV, MP3, etc.

Pro Edition: The pro edition will be useful when you need data from formatted, deleted or corrupted SSD. The pro edition is stuffed with features of basic and media edition. Additionally it can able to perform advanced SSD data recovery like restoring SSD data from lost partition.

Features that keeps the tool in the front:

  • You can restore the lost and deleted data within few minutes and few clicks
  • You can get back the hidden data even after a system crash
  • Successfully restores files after formatting and reformatting of the solid state drives
  • Provides retrieval of data from various file systems like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS etc.
  • You can preview your retrieved data before restoring it in a different storage
  • Restored data can be arranged on the basis of name, date, size and file type
  • With the help of “save recovery session” you can pause the restore process and continue after a course of time

Steps to Restore Data:

  • Download and Install the software in your Windows PC
  • Open the software, in the first window choose the mode of recovery
  • Choose the SSD from which data has to be restored and click “Next”. The scan will get started.
  • After the scan process is completed use the Data view, File type view and Preview options to check whether your file is recovered or not
  • Save the data


  • Never try to install the Remo Recover Software on the same drive where the deleted data existed once. Sometimes it may overwrite the available information and permanently wipe the data from the drive.
  • In demo version you can easily recover your data of all kinds. To save the restored data, you will be asked to purchase any one of the three reputed versions. You can choose according to your needs.

Some useful tips to avoid data loss in SSDs:

  • Never turn off your PC abruptly
  • Keep regular backup of data
  • Never play with any magnetic kind of stuffs near the SSD
  • Use legitimate third party applications while accessing your needed files
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