...Made the mistake of using another company's software to backup all my personal data in a single zip file archive. It supposedly verified the backups, even giving me reassuring reports, but the verification turned out to be bogus. Only when my computer drive failed did I discover that the backup software was writing corrupt zip files. So I bought Remo Zip Repair and was instantly able to recover 6,000 of my 10,000+ files. But it gets better. The Remo guys offered to use advanced techniques on my corrupted zip archive so I FTP'd it to them. As I understand it, they were using my archive to test improvements to be incorporated into Remo Zip Repair. There was a lot of time spent communicating between us. Never had a software company spend so much time for me. Anyway, they finally were able to send me over 9,000 of my 10,000 files. This is a great company with excellent customer service/technical support." Thanks guys!..."

- Ross

...We all expedience some form of bad luck whether it's wearing shorts on a rainy day, or forgetting your name tag at home while already running late to work. Those I would say are simple mistakes that we can learn from and try to do it right the next time, but when it comes to something being deleted.. I'm talking about photos you take on that phone that seems to be permanently glued to your hand nowadays, yes that one. . Well those are really frustrating trying to get them back especially if you "uh-Oh!" Forgot to back up.. Well here's a program that's worth making a small investment towards. Think about it forever losing pictures or paying a small price to gain access to these treasured measurable moments?? Well I glad I made that choice so now even though my son continues to grow. I'll always have those precious moments and those enjoyable places we went together..."

- Sharlene Miranda

...Best $40 I’ve spent on tools this year! When a user lost files from the network share, we installed Remo RECOVER and within 15 minutes everything was found and restored. It was fast, easy, and well worth the investment. Thanks!..."

- Terry Oplinger

...I just want to thank you for fixing the issues I had with earlier versions of Remo Privacy Cleaner (for Android).

Today a new update was installed, but even the previous version was working perfect! :-)

The issues I had with the old versions (several versions ago) was that it didn't clear the "phonelist" and that it "popped up" everytime when I started my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (informing me that it had been stopped...).

But the two latest versions have been functioning 100% flawless - absolutely pefect! :-) So I just want to inform you about that, and thank you for the Superb program..! ..."

- Niclas Eriksson

...Gotta say awesome program recovered some non replaceable pictures and contact info off my mini Micro chip thank u guys recovery was done in a timely fashion and it did not miss a thnig and the back up options is awesome...."

- - William Kessler

...I really like that your support is fast highly recommended to my friends thanks for the fast response..."

- Noeleen Debruyn

...Remo Software is very helpful and useful, it can save ‘my life’ when I unintentionally deleted my video files. In general, Remo Software is a powerful and much help! Great job!..."

- Didik Wiryawan Adhi

...I had tried everything to recover my pictures from a corrupted Compact Flash, but nothing had worked at all. Then, surfing the web, I found Remo software.
I tried the demo version and used the preview feature. So I've purchased the Remo Recover (Mac) - Media Edition and I've been able to save all my photos without any loss. The customer support service is very kind and experienced. They've helped me to solve my problem in the twinkle of an eye! ..."

- Elena Invernizzi
Milan, Italy

...Thank you for the support I got to recover my Outlook files!..."

- Leif Hedre
SE, Europe

...I could open the file. I'm very very happy for your special kindness! Thank you very much!!..."

- Yoshikatsu Kawamura

...I have 600 Gb of videos back thank to your REMO RECOVER PRO. Thanks, videos is my greatest hobby and I tell it to everyone. I tell it to some people but they don’t want believe it. That's Impossible they say. It is possible but they don’t believe me but I am happy with REMO RECOVER PRO.......Thanks..."

- Wim Bruggink

...I wish to tell of my experience with the Remo software for use with my android phone ... One word.. "Perfect", work smooth as could be. I had just tried 2 other company's, with horrible results. SO THERE'S ! Please support this company and the wonderful and Fast response tech support...."

- Michael Cassidy

...Thank you,  your program saved me from huge setback..."

- W Coetzee

...I just want to say thanks for creating this software. My 13 year daughter deleted her photos on the phone by accident and did not have a backup. I loaded the software and was able to get the pictures back. I am the "Best Dad ever" at least for tonight. I did not get to see where I could leave a comment, but thanks for creating this product and making it easy to use...."

- Scott Arble

...I just wanted to thank you for your great software. It was well worth the money to save our memories. I had let my 12 year old son use my camera to take some pictures while we were on vacation, and he ended up somehow formatting the card with 5 days worth of pictures. He felt so bad, he was crying and I told him not to worry that they were just pictures. But, of course, I was slightly devestated as well. Upon returning home, I looked up the possibility of having our pictures restored and found your software. It worked like a charm. My son was so relieved...."

- Natalie Muhaw

...I just recovered 124 photos from an SD card that my camera, and computers said needed reformatting. Sure glad I bought this software instead. Now I have months worth of special memories back. I had a question about activation and sent an email to support. I couldn't believe that I received a real response from a real person within a minute. The advice solved my problem. I am impressed...."

- Noah Funderburg

...I am really happy with your swift responses and the great functionality of the product..."

- Bjørn

...Really pleased with your excellent programme, did exactly what it said on the label. I was able to recover all my lost photos from the hard drive..."

- David Davidson

...Thank you. You have a great support team!..."

- Anne

...Thank you thank you thank you. Great service..."

- David Piccoli

...I was able to recover a good portion of my email from another source I had backed up some time ago, so the loss of my email records was minimized to some degree. Many thanks to you and your team for developing such a helpful software package..."

- Charles Weeks

...Thanks you for all your help. I was able to recover some files. I am having trouble viewing some, but it says I don't have the most up to date picture viewer. Hopefully it will work from another PC. Once again thanks, tech support was great and speedy..."

- Alexandra Cerda

...I had reformatted an external hard drive and backed up my entire computer on top of it, and the software was still able to recover 90,000 images..."

- Maria Holland

...I bought the Repair Powerpoint, which together with excellent Remo support managed to repair a by accident deleted file. Saved me hours of work!..."

- Thomas Eineving

...I would just like to say thank you to you & your Software Company, as I finally had success. It was such a relief to recover all my very important files, which were lost forever, NOW THER'RE BACK !!..."

- Robert Burrough

...Excellent product support and the Remo team were willing to spend a lot of time online providing support for the installation and recovery. It is rare to find a dedicated support team willing to do what ever is needed to get the job done. 12 out of 10 for effort and value for money..."

- Charl Marais On Facebook
United Kingdom

...Big thanks to support team who was a great help in this issue. Loads of patience and understanding. product found the files I needed and I would recomend this software as other products i tried did not find anything..."

- Jason

...it did an excellent job of recovering 3616 files and the accompanying folder structure..."

- Ken Strawbridge

...All of my documents and photo files were recovered in the same folders and file names as they were originally. I had over 400 GB of data restored..."

- Kathryn Boulden

...Remo Recover retrieved all my broken and deleted files without missing a single one..."

- Jay Dandell

...Amazing! I had tried several other recovery software but REMO was the ONLY one that found all my raw and nef images. The interface is really intuitive for photographers and the whole thing is very nicely put together..."

- Adrian Kinloch

...and now I have retrieved the pictures and video!!! And saved them to my computer. Thank you so much!! I hope I don’t need your help soon, but I will recommend you to anyone that has this sort of problem..."

- Lynnette and Don

...I have just purchased the full application, and the point on the short e-mail is just to say thanks, and keep up the good work. 700gb of data fully recovered, after my drive lost it's structure. THANKS AGAIN..."

- John McLachlan
United Kingdom

...Thanks to you and your team for all the help. You really have a great system setup for customer relations and I appreciate that..."

- Ashley Shepherd