Unformat Formatted Drive

Unformat drive

Formatting means to erase the existing file system in the hard disk and preparing it for installing a fresh file system like NTFS or FAT in Windows and HFS Plus or HFSX in Mac. Formatting is the ultimate process of cleansing a hard disk. It will remove whatever was currently saved in your older file system and allow you to load new files in the newly installed file system. Formatting a hard disk enhances a PC’s performance. Then why do we need to unformat? At times, we may absentmindedly or accidentally format a drive without taking a backup. This may overwrite the existing data. In such scenarios, if we wish to retrieve the data from the previous file system, we need to unformat the drive.  Unformat is an advanced process of data recovery in which software look for files in the previous file system, ignoring the newly installed one. Remo Recover can be used to unformat hard disk fast and with great degree of accuracy.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) - Pro Edition can be used to recover data from missing, deleted, formatted and inaccessible partitions and volumes. It can retrieve data after partial format or after reinstalling OS with original directory structure and even original file names. Additionally, this software provides you two unique options: to preview the recovered files and to compress and save the recovered data on any accessible drive or on a DVD.

How to use Remo Software to unformat?

If you have accidently formatted the hard drive you must stop using the system and immediately seek the help of Remo Recovery Software (Windows/Mac) - Pro Edition. Remove the hard disk from your system and connect it to a different PC. Launch the software on the PC and click ‘Recover Partitions / Drives’. Now go to ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ and select a logical drive and click next. Once the scanning process is over it will show all the found partitions / drives. Select the partitions to restore the data in it. You can save the recovery session in a different partition for later use.

When do we format?

When a partition refuses to open, we know it has incurred a fault. It is then that we need to format our drive. Formatting the partition will not only help us recover the files present in the partition, but also install a new file system in the drive and improve its efficiency. In other words with a new file system, retrieving or updating stored files becomes easier and faster.

Why do we format?

We format a hard disk for various reasons. Some are like-

  • To upgrade the file system
  • System failure may require us to reinstall file system  on our hard disk
  • Due to virus infection we may need to reinstall the file system
  • For maintaining the computer system it is advised to format the hard drive once a year

Though unformatting is easy, one must be careful to avoid accidental errors.