Windows 8 Data Recovery

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Is it possible to restore data from Windows 8 after formatting or reformatting the disk?

Off course you can, but this is not possible with manual process instead, you have to go for any special data recovery software like Remo Recover Windows application. Before, knowing more about this application let’s know about some few data loss scenarios.

How data is lost from Windows 8?

User can lose their valuable data from Windows 8 machine in several ways such as accidental deletion, formatting or reformatting drives without taking data back, emptying Recycle Bin, etc. Let us know some scenarios in brief.

  • Virus attack: We all known that virus and other malicious infection is one of the major reasons behind losing our valuable data stored in hard disk. In case you hard disk is severely attacked by virus threats and file system has been corrupted a lot. This instance makes you unable to run system and finally end up more data loss.
  • User mistakes:  Sometimes end users also only become reason for losing their valuable data. Actually this happens when user not aware of more about system activities and using system in inappropriate way.  User’s actions like accidentally formatting or deleting files without having backup leads to loss of data.

However, data loss in system is common due to above mentioned reasons and even user lose their data other reasons such as registry errors, interruption encountered while transferring data, cut and paste errors, etc. Similarly, you also encountered this situation and lost you valuable data then stop worrying and employ this efficient Remo Recover Windows application as this restores all lost data without taking into account of reasons behind it. Keep on reading to know more about this tool…

Special features of Remo Recover Windows

  • Recovers pictures, videos, documents, etc from all types of hard disks
  • Performs safe and secure data recovery and keeps your data intact
  • Provides technical assistance who finds difficult in accessing the application
  • Supports other versions of Windows OS
  • Easily performs Windows server data recovery

Warning: Do not install application from where you have lost data since there are chances of losing data permanently. Hence, strictly follow this instruction if you wish to retain your data as there were before.

How to perform Windows 8 data recovery with the assistance of Remo Recover?

Initially click on Download Now button appeared in website and this will take you to download zone from their choose Remo Recover Windows application and download it. This will take few minutes to complete. Once you get the application install on your machine successfully, and initiate recovery process by selecting Recover Partitions / Drives option from main screen and then choose Formatted / Reformatted Recovery or Partition Recovery option based on data loss scenario you have encountered. On selecting partition from hard disk, application starts scanning it and displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format. Now choose file types you wish to restore or else you can skip this step and directly go on to recovery step. Recovery process takes few minutes, wait until this finishes.  Then application allows you to preview all restored files but do not allow you save them since you are demo version. In order to save those files you have to purchase license key then only application allow you save them to any storage disk.