XLSX recovery software

Restore lost or deleted .xlsx files

After docs, xlsx sheets are the most widely used files. These files are arguably the most important files for most people for they contain valuable data that one has to access time and again. Needless to say, losing one can land you neck deep in trouble. And that’s because preparing a lost or deleted xls file all over again can be a big headache. Problems like this can be solved easily using Remo Recover Software. It will recover every lost / deleted xls file with the data intact.

Remo Recover:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) - Basic Edition Software is equipped with a powerful algorithm which can recover xlsx files from hard drives, USB ports, FireWire drives, etc. This application can recover files which are deleted due to exceeding in size or accidentally deleted by pressing shift + delete keys. The file type view option can help you to recover xlsx files based on the file extensions.

Remo Recover Software (Windows / Mac) - Basic Edition can also retrieve all types of lost / deleted basic files which are most commonly used. These include docs, ppts, zip files etc. It can easily identify and recover files on the basis of their unique signatures. The recovered files can be saved either in CD’s / DVD’s or any accessible drives.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover has proven itself to be simple and accurate data recovery software by winning number of awards and recognitions. Its advanced features help to recover xls with great degree of accuracy. Needless to say this application is a boon for people, who have lost / deleted their xlsx files. If you want to test the software you can download the trial version and check the results yourself. This software guarantees safe and secure recovery; hence there are no chances of virus infecting your system after downloading it.

How Remo recovers xlsx files?

If your xlsx files have been accidentally deleted do not save any new file in its place. This will simply minimize the chances of recovery. So, download and install the software and follow the mentioned steps. Run the application and click ‘Recover Files’. Then select either ‘Recover Lost Files’ or ‘Recover Deleted Files’, which is appropriate. Click on a drive / partition and start the scanning process. When it gets over, it will show a list of files. Select the ones you need and save the recovery session.