Fixing the VLC 4K Video Playback Choppy Issue

A reliable solution to fix VLC 4k video playback choppy issues or lagging problems will be presented in this page so that you will be able to play 4K video with VLC easily.

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As a free and open source multi-media player that plays almost all types of multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols, VLC also add support for 4K video play back since from several years. However, the 4K video playback is not that satisfactory!

Sometimes you may face choppy issues, while playing 4K video. You may encounter this issue even when you play 4K video directly from your camera memory card. Hence, first copy your video to computer, then open it using VLC Media Player. If problem still persists, then try the methods mentioned below-

Solution #1: Enable GPU Accelerate Decoding in VLC

You can’t play 4K video on the VLC media player as it needs massive processing power. So, you need to enable GPU to accelerate decoding feature in VLC. It works on theory where processing power of graphics card lightens the load on the processor of the system.

Steps to enable GPU accelerated decoding-

Go to VLC media player and click on Tools. Then, select Preferences or else press Ctrl + P at a time to open settings.

#1. If you are using simple settings interface

  • From the left sidebar of the Settings window, select the option Input and codecs
  • Under Codecs from the right hand of the screen, select Use GPU Accelerated decoding

#2. If you are using all interface

  • Navigate to Input and codecs -> Video Codecs-> FFmpeg-> Hardware decoding instead of GPU accelerated decoding
  • After enabling GPU accelerated decoding, click on Save button

Now, play your 4K video and check whether it still has choppy or lagging issue. If not, keep the settings as it is. If the problem still exists, then undo the settings. Try the next method.

Solution #2: Reduce Resolution of 4K video to 1080P

If you want to fix VLC 4K Video playback choppy issues, then you need to compress your 4K to 1080p. Compressing 4K to 1080P resolves choppy or logging issues which arise while using VLC. Thinking why? Well! 4K videos have higher resolution than 1080p video with new codec named H.265, which is not supported by VLC. Therefore, you need to compress your 4K video to 1080p.

Well, there are many software’s available in the market for compressing 4K to 1080p. Pick the reliable one to compress your 4K video.

Solution #3: Use Video Repair software

If your 4K video shows choppy playback issue even after compressing it to 1080p, then try to fix choppy video using Remo Repair MOV Software. It repairs converted video that is showing choppy playback issues on Windows and Mac in few simple clicks.

Easy steps to fix 4K video with choppy and MP4 file

You can repair 4K video files with MP4 or MOV format in just few steps by downloading Remo Repair MOV and follow the below steps:

  • Click on Download Now button (Select as per your OS - Windows / Mac)
  • Once downloading process is completed, install and launch the application by double - clicking on the downloaded file
  • From the Main window, select one healthy video file that is having the same codec as the problematic video by clicking on Healthy File option as a reference file
  • Next choose the path of the victim video file to be fixed by clicking on the Corrupted File button (As stated before, make sure both healthy file and corrupted movie file were shot on the same camera, camcorder or phone)
  • Now, press Repair button to start the video file repair process
  • After completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired file by clicking on Preview button or
  • Click Save to save the video on a desired location

You have successfully repaired your 4K video file having choppy issues.

“If you are a VLC media player user and trying to play AVI file, but failed to do so, then make use of Remo Repair AVI Software to fix an AVI file that is not playing in few simple steps.”

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