Unformat Formatted Hard Disk

Remo Recover can efficiently with its advanced algorithms recover all formats of files that were erased on account of formatting hard drive. This software can easily unformat hard drive both on Mac and Windows based systems or laptops.

Hello guys! I accidentally formatted my 1 TB internal NTFS hard drive using Windows 7 disk CMD prompt, diskpart, self vol 2 in evening while battling with dual boot system. Right now I have lost all important office documents, project files, video clips, Spreadsheets, PDF, images, etc. In fact I am feeling hopeless and not getting any idea what to do, so please somebody help me out to get my data back from formatted hard drive in simple way! Thank you.

Well, in the above mentioned situation you might lose access to all your files, but not the file itself. Fortunately the files will still reside on your hard drive and you can get your entire data back within matter of minutes just by making use of best “Hard Drive Recovery Software - Remo Recover". This utility will even recover hard drive data from formatted drive of any type such as IDE, SCSI, ATA, SSD, etc. with few clicks of mouse. But before understanding more on recovery process, let’s see some common reasons where you may unintentionally format hard drive:

Format Error: At times, when you try to access a drive you may receive pop up error message stating “Disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now”? or “Fatal format error”. In these circumstances, most of the users unknowingly click on “OK” button, which would format your drive and lose all the data.

Human Faults: Inappropriate use of commands on the command prompt or unintentionally formatting the wrong partition enclosing vital data instead of formatting some other partition leads to large amount of data loss.

Virus Attack: Severe virus attack on system at times results in hard drive corruption issues and forces you to format before you using it.

In all the above mentioned incidences you might format HDD, which leads to loss of all data. Well, whatever might be the reason don’t get worry; because by making use of Remo Recover software you can easily get all your files back. In addition, it can even restore files after reimaging HDD within short duration of time.

Remo Recover Software Stunning Features:

The software is designed with advanced algorithms to recover all formats of files that were erased on account of formatting hard drive. By making use of Remo Recover software you can easily unformat hard drive on both Mac and Windows based systems \ laptops. It supports recovery of data from NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 32, FAT 16, ExFAT, HFS X and HFS + formatted file systems without any difficulty. Moreover, it even has the ability to retrieve files from external SATA drive, SSD drives or any other external hard drive. Apart from recovering data from formatted hard drive, you can also utilize this application to carry out data recovery from formatted USB drive, FireWire drive, memory cards, MMC, thumb drives etc.

Points to Remember:

  • Get rid of virus intrusion by using updated antivirus software
  • Backup important files and store them on external memory in order to get them easily if any disaster strikes on hard drive
  • Don’t install any unreliable third party tools on system

Guidelines to Perform Recovery of Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive:

First, connect your formatted drive to system as a slave disk, next download and install the Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software on that system and launch the tool. Now from the main screen just choose “Recover Partitions” option and then click on Next option. Now, select the drive that is formatted and initiate the scanning process. Once the scanning is completed all the recovered data will be listed in a Data view or File-type view. You can then Preview your recovered files and save them at any location of your choice.

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