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Few days back, I was working on my new project using Acer Iconia laptop. It had all my project related data in it. Since its Acer Iconia I thought it is very safe and reliable and stored all my data on it. Actually I was working from home and hence saved all my vital in it and worked whole night to complete the task. Next day, I started working on the same laptop in my office. Suddenly my Acer Iconia laptop’s crashed. But I could not trace out the exact reason for it. I was not even able to access my hard drive and lost all my data from it. All my weeks of hard work all went in vain. I was not able to recreate those files again, moreover didn’t had so much of time. I felt so much distressed and lost all hopes on my data. I felt it’s the end of it and all my data were gone forever. But, I was wrong; I got back my entire data from my Acer Iconia laptop!! Surprised? Want to know how? Read further…

Actually, when I lost my data I was so tensed and was worried so much. I shared this incident with all my friends and colleagues. One of my friends suggested me to try a recovery tool. At the beginning I didn’t believe, hence used only the trial version of the software, but the results were amazing! I could see all my files that were lost from my Acer Iconia laptop. Then, I purchased the tool and saved all my data. The software which helped me is Remo Recover (Windows / Mac). It just took few minutes to perform Acer Iconia laptop recovery that too without any precision loss.

Brief Info about Remo Recover:

Some of the features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) that enables you to restore your data are:

  • Remo Recover can effectively restore all your files from Acer Iconia laptops without any difficulties
  • Repeatedly scans your entire Acer laptop’s hard drive and securely extracts entire lost data from the crashed hard drive
  • Lost data can be of any type, it can be your pictures, text data, video, audio data etc. this tool will work extremely well to recover all your data from it
  • Enables you to recover lost data from any storage devices like desktop hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and others
  • Additionally, you can utilize this utility for recovering data from any version of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003, and many more

Supported Acer Models: Acer Aspire 3503WLMi, Acer TravelMate 2483WXMi, Acer Veriton 5900Pro, Acer Aspire Z3731, Acer TravelMate 3220 LMi, Acer Aspire 5336 etc.

Supported File systems: FAT 16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS + / HFSX and many others

Supported Laptop brands: Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, HP, Compaq, HCL etc.

Situations in which you can use Remo Recover are:

There are various scenarios in which you might lose your vital data form the Acer Iconia laptops. Some of these are:

Formatting / Re-formatting: You may come across some situations, where you will have to format your Acer Iconia laptop forcefully and will not even be able to take the data backup. But in some cases while re-formatting or formatting the drive, you may forget to take the backup of your vital data. In both cases you will lose your data.

Partitioning / Re-partitioning: At times, when you are partitioning or repartitioning your Acer laptop’s hard drive, you may encounter some errors. Because of these errors, you might have to terminate the partitioning process. If you don’t have the proper backup then, you will lose your data.

File system corruption: Under some circumstances, your Acer Iconia’s file system might get corrupt. This can happen due to many reasons like virus infection; improper removal of the external device from the laptop etc. will lead to file system corruption.

Other Reasons: Shift deleting the files, emptying the Recycle bin, presence of bad sectors on the hard drive and many more may cause loss of data from your Acer Iconia laptop.

These are some of the scenarios in which you might lose your files. Even if you are not aware of the reason behind this loss, there is nothing to worry. This tool works independent of the data loss situations and hence can easily restore data from your Acer Iconia laptops.

If you want to know how you can restore data after format then please click on the given link and sort out all your issues.

Video below guides you the recovery steps for Acer Iconia laptops


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