Memory Card Recovery Tool | Guide to Recover Data from Memory Card

Updated on March 12, 2022

Remo Memory Card Recovery is a prominent software to recover data from various brands of memory cards. The tool can easily restore data from a memory card due to accidental deletion or loss, formatting, corruption, etc. Download and try the software now.

A memory card comes in various form factors such as micro SD card, SDHC, SDXC card, CF card, and many more. Usually, memory cards are the predominant means of storing photos or videos on devices like cameras, smartphones, camcorders, or even drones. Apart from this, you can also use a memory card to backup files and documents.

Irrespective of the importance of the data saved in the memory card, it is prone to various data loss scenarios. And you might lose or delete data from the memory card due to card corruption, accidental deletion, formatting, and many more.

Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Memory Card

Yes, you can recover lost data from a memory card. Unlike the computer hard drives, when you delete a file on a memory card, it will not be moved to the Recycle Bin or Trash. Instead, the files will be permanently deleted by removing the pointers from the memory chip and not the actual data. However, data from the memory card can be easily restored using a memory card recovery tool.

What is the Best Memory Card Recovery Tool to Restore Lost Data?

Remo Memory card Recovery tool is one of the best SD card recovery software to recover data from memory card on Windows and Mac operating systems. This memory card recovery tool is integrated with advanced data recovery algorithms that scan every sector of the memory card and recover the inaccessible data.

This memory card software is highly credible in recovering files from various memory card brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, etc. Besides this, the memory card recovery process can be prioritized on a particular file format like PNG, JPEG, MOV, MP4, NEF, GIF, etc., from the entire recovered data. In addition to this, you can also restore memory card data based on the date of creation, last date accessed, or for a particular period of time.

Features of Remo Memory card Recovery tool:

How to Recover Data from Memory Card

Why Remo Memory Card Recovery software?


As memory cards are being used widely across many devices, these portable storage drives are getting more vulnerable to data loss due to extensive usage. In a situation where you have lost data from a memory card, utilize Remo Memory Card Recovery software and follow the instructions mentioned above.