Remo Android Apps


Remo MORE for Android is a powerful suite packed with various tools to manage, secure and optimize the data and memory on Android devices like smartphones and tablets. It acts as a single solution for improving device performance, recovering deleted or lost files, lock private files, permanently erasing the sensitive data, backup & restore contacts, compress files, eliminate duplicates and others. In addition, the suite even helps to lock the WhatsApp profile and clear WhatsApp junk files.

Remo WhatsApp Cleaner

As more and more media files are sent and received via WhatsApp, they get stored on your Android phone as junk files. The quick and easiest way of cleaning these WhatsApp junk files is utilizing the Remo WhatsApp Cleaner that is available for free. The app clears all your shared videos, images, songs and other WhatsApp files with simple steps and frees up the phone memory. It even provides a preview of all media files on WhatsApp in single screen before erasing.

Remo File Eraser for Android

Remo File Eraser for Android is a simple yet robust application that can easily shred off all the confidential files permanently beyond recovery from all Android devices including smartphones and tablets. The app erases the files by overwriting them with random values. For this, it offers three different levels - Low, Medium, High, wherein each of them is incorporated with different shredding pattern.

Remo Locker Free

Remo Locker for Android is a freeware app that helps the Android smartphone user to lock all their private and confidential data with a single Master password. It provides separate options to lock / hide the audio, videos, image, files and even the Android apps. With one single tap, the user can enable or disable the locking / unlocking options for Android apps. In addition to locking user can even hiding the files using this app.

Remo WhastsApp Locker

Remo WhatsApp Locker is an excellent app that protects the user’s WhatsApp profile and messages from unauthorized users for free. This app locks all the WhatsApp conversation details and other records with a password and thus restricting the access to intruders. Remo WhatsApp Locker app is the perfect choice for those who are concerned about their WhatsApp privacy.

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