Best App to Speedup Android device

Android is now the most prevalent mobile operating system. Its user-friendly features with wide range of apps support has proved it to be the best and most widely used OS for your mobiles and tablets. Nevertheless, after you install bunch of apps on your device and used it for few days your Android might start freezing and even slow down day by day. Nothing is distressing than having a slow smartphone that takes minutes to respond for any action! Isn’t it? So what can be done now?
Formatting the device or getting new one could help but it’s only for time being, after few days the same issue persists. However, don’t worry by following the below mentioned tips you can increase your Android speed:

  • Clear all unwanted junk data from Android memory
  • Uninstall useless apps and clear them all
  • Disable all background apps
  • Remove all unwanted widgets and wall papers
  • Restore Android to its original factory settings

These are some of the tricks that help you increase Android speed. However these tips have to be followed on regular basis. One has to clear the Android cache frequently to avoid accumulation of junk data. Nonetheless, in this busy world who has time to do all these regularly? What if I say there is a one click solution to speed up your Android device?

Yes, you heard it right!! Using Remo MORE you can easily clear all your Android junk data in just one click. It is the best app to speedup Android device! It’s fast cleaning algorithms scan the device completely and removes all unwanted data, clears useless apps and cleans the cache. This not only increases the Android speed but even frees up memory. Some of the eye catching features of Remo MORE are as listed below:

  • In just few moments clears all junk data to increase available memory
  • Disables and clears all background apps to facilitate easy operation
  • Cleans your Android screen by removing all useless widgets
  • Highly interactive and user friendly GUI ensure easy operation
  • With one-click speeds up all sorts of Android devices like tablets and smartphones

Also, it is compatible enough to work with all brands of Android devices like LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and others with any Android OS version. It just requires few minutes and your device will work at its maximum speed.

Procedure to use Remo MORE:

  • Download Remo MORE and install it on your Android device
  • Launch the app and from the main screen click on “One Click Maintenance” option as in Figure 1
  • Remo MORE starts scanning the entire Android memory (refer Figure 2) and identifies all the issues that reduce Android speed
  • Once the scanning process is done, a list containing various errors and issues will be displayed, just tap on “Fix Issues” button as listed in Figure 3.
  • Select the issues and tap on “OK” button to confirm the selection as in Figure 4.
  • The tool will now start fixing the errors and issues; it just takes few minutes, wait for the process to complete after which your device will be ready to use
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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