How to Recover Deleted Audio Files?

Updated on January 09, 2019

Remo Audio File Recovery Software, all in one audio recovery tool specially designed to recover lost audio files like mp3, wav, wma, rm, amr and other 300 file types. Built with a robust scan engine, the audio recovery tool makes the complex process of recovering audio files a simple one.Download and try the tool for free now.

The greatest invention of mankind is the ability to capture the sound and save them in the form of an audio file. Be it a song, music or podcasts, audio files are part of our daily life. Losing those important audio files can be disheartening.

What if there was a way to recover lost audio files? Yes, with this article you can easily recover audio files of any file format like .mp3, .wav, .wma, .amr, .rm etc.

Common Scenarios that lead to loss of audio files:

  • Accidental deletion of audio files from SD card or hard drive
  • Any damage or corruption to the storage device having the audio files can result in data loss
  • Audio files can get lost due to interruption in transfer process between devices
  • Virus infection to the SD card or the hard drive can also lead to loss of audio files

Irrespective of the above mentioned scenarios, you can recover deleted music files like mp3, wma, wav, or any other audio files easily.

Quicknote #1: Make sure you stop using your device on which audio recovery has to be performed. This will avoid overwriting of audio files that you want to recover from your SD card or hard drive.

How do I recover lost audio files?

To recover files that are lost or deleted from SD card or hard drive you will need a professional audio recovery software. Yes, with the help of an audio recovery software you can easily recover audio files like mp3, wav, amr, wma and many more. How to choose the right software to recover mp3 files or recover deleted music files from your SD card?

Introducing you Remo Audio Recovery Tool, an award winning digital media recovery software designed to recover deleted or lost audio files. Developed specifically to recover audio files and other media files of 300 types, the tool is easily the best audio recovery software across both Windows and Mac operating system. Download and try the tool for free now.

Recover Deleted or Lost Audio Files with Remo Audio Recovery Tool

Download and install Remo Photo Recovery Software and follow the below mentioned steps to recover audio files that are deleted or lost:

  • Launch the tool, click on Recover Files
  • Select the drive from which you want to recover audio files and click on Scan
  • After completion of the scanning process, the restored audio files will be displayed in Data View and File Type View
  • Preview the recovered audio files to test the recovery success rate
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with the audio recovery, activate the tool and Save the retrieved audio files on to desired location.

Quicknote #2: If you don’t find the audio files after using the recover files option in the product, it is recommended to restart the audio recovery process by clicking recover photos feature which is capable of performing complete digital media recovery.

Recover Audio Files of Any Formats:

With Remo Audio Recovery Software you can recover deleted or lost audio files of below mentioned file formats:

  • Recover MP3 Files: MP3 file format is widely used file format to save music and audio recordings. Be it deleted or lost MP3 files, you can perform audio recovery and recover deleted MP3 files in no time.
  • AMR File Recovery: AMR files are usually used in call recordings or multimedia recordings. Recovering AMR files is possible only if they are stored on SD card of your cellphones.
  • Recover WAV Files: WAV file formats are default audio file formats for Windows PC. In case you have accidentally deleted or lost WAV file, you can easily recover WAV files easily using Remo Audio Recovery Tool.
  • Recover RM Files: RM files or commonly called as Real Media file is a file format used by Real player. You can recover deleted or lost RM files by performing audio recovery.
  • Recover 300+ Files: Other than recovering deleted audio files, Remo Video Recovery Software you can recover files of 300 types like photos, videos, documents etc.
  • Compatible with all storage devices: User can not only recover audio files from memory card, but also recover music from usb with ease
  • Recover files lost due to any data loss scenario: You can also recover deleted or lost digital media files with out any complexities.

Quicknote #3: Remo Audio Recovery Tool is also widely known as Remo Photo Recovery Software specially designed to recover media files from complex data loss scenarios across both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The Ending Note:

In the current data driven world where everything has a cloud backup or available a click away on the internet, having audio files offline and losing them might sound outdated issue. However, not everyone likes to rely on the internet 24/7 or think of the scenario where you recorded songs and lost them.

How do you recover songs from your SD card or hard drive? It is just an example, there are “n” number of ways to lose an audio file. However, there is only one way to recover audio files and it is to make use of a professional digital media recovery software that is Remo Audio Recovery Software.

Do share this article if you were able to recover audio files or recover deleted music files with the help of this article. Make use of well trained technical support team to get any queries answered during audio recovery.

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