Recover Deleted or Lost AVCHD files | 2024

AVCHD video recovery is possible, but there is a catch: if you stopped using the SD card after the loss of AVCHD video, then your chances are very high, regardless of how the AVCHD file was deleted or lost.

This article will help you with solutions that can recover AVCHD files from an SD card and other storage devices using AVCHD video recovery software.

Written by John Harris, Updated on February 19, 2024

What is AVCHD file?

AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition, it is one of the best formats to store your treasured videos shot on your digital cameras or camcorders. It can be compressed and stored on DVD, Blu-ray disks, HDD, and Memory sticks with .mts file extension.

Before Jumping to the solutions let us know what are common causes behind avchd file loss are to avoid these errors next time when handling avchd files.

What causes Deletion of AVCHD Videos on Computer?

AVCHD Videos are deleted, lost, missing or inaccessible the reasons are as follows:

  • Accidental or Intentional deletion
  • virus or malware attack on your computer
  • formatting of the storage device where you have stored AVCHD videos
  • System failure
  • Lost AVCHD videos while transferring
  • However, there are ways to recover deleted AVCHD videos. To know more about the recovery process, continue reading the information given below.

    How do I Recover the AVCHD files?

    • Recover deleted AVCHD files from Recycle Bin
    • Restore lost or deleted AVCHD files with Remo Recover

    Recover deleted AVCHD files from Recycle Bin

    Note - For the deleted files which have not bypassed the recycle bin, you will be able to recover them by following the below listed method

    • Go to Recycle bin
    • Right-click on the deleted AVCHD file you wish to recover
    • Click on the Restore option
    • The file will be saved back to the primary location of the AVCHD file

    If the file has bypassed the recycle bin you will need a reliable data recovery tool to restore your lost or deleted AVCHD file.

    How to Recover Deleted AVCHD Files?

    The only way to retrieve the deleted videos from SD card is by using a trusted AVCHD video file recovery software.

    AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery by Panasonic Corporation promised avchd video recovery but the software lacks a lot of features that can cause more harm than good to your avchd file, and it is incompatible with the latest Windows and Mac OS. Hence you a reliable AVCHD video recovery software.

    Remo Video File Recovery Tool is a good bet when you want to safely recover deleted, lost, missing, or corrupt AVCHD Video files for any device including your computer, laptop, cameras, or other external storage devices. Using powerful deep scan algorithms Remo makes ensures the video file is recovered without any flaws.
    Download and try the tool for free now!

    How do I Recover AVCHD Video Files?

    Download and install the Remo Recover and follow the steps below to recover AVCHD files.

    • On the main screen select the appropriate storage drive from which the video has to be retrieved and click on Scan.
    • sselect the card and recover avchd files

    • After completion of the scanning process, the recovered video file will be presented to the user in Dynamic Recovery View.
    • list of recovered avchd files

    • You can easily use the Advanced Filter option to sort out the AVCHD files that you want to recover just by adding File Signature, File Type or even the Modified Date. This will you save time searching for files.
    • sort to reocver avchd files

    • Double-click on the file to Preview and validate the recovered AVCHD file.
    • preview recovered avchd files

    • Next, click on Recover and provide a location to save the recovered video file.
    • save the recovered avchd files

    Did you know how to recover deleted videos shot from your camcorders of handycams? Follow the given link to know more.

    Other Ways To Recover AVCHD Files

    • File History: If you have enabled the File History feature on your computer then you can retrieve AVCHD files from the available versions.
    • Backup: You can restore AVCHD files from the backups if you remember taking any previous ones.


    We suggest you be careful when handling complex structures like avchd, and have multiple copies of the file to avoid data loss, in case of unforeseen data loss scenarios you can use Remo Recover to recover deleted avchd files without any hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions

To recover formatted video files:

- Download and install Remo Recover.

- Launch and scan the device to recover the formatted video files.

Yes, AVCHD video files have around 50-60fps at 1080 resolution, which is closer to MP4 but it falls short when you compare simultaneously.

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