Best Software to Fix AVI Files

Do you have a problematic AVI file that shows up error messages? Either while trying to play the AVI file or while watching your favorite movie you might encounter some weird error messages. Even after trying to play it on different media players if the error persists then it is a clear indication of AVI file corruption. Well you don't have to worry much as you have the best AVI error fixer that can easily fix your corrupt AVI file and render it playable.

There could be various reasons for AVI file corruption; however, you can easily fix all AVI error by making use of Remo Repair AVI. This application is efficient in fixing any kind of errors in AVI file and make healthy playable file without editing or corrupting the original file.

List of circumstance due to which your AVI file might get corrupt and results in error while playing

  • AVI file gets corrupt when file is attacked by virus infection
  • AVI file also become inaccessible when its header is damaged which in turn corrupts your AVI file; this is because to play any video file normally, file header plays a main role as it contains all attributes of file such as type, name, size, etc.
  • Sometimes you may try to play video on inappropriate or corrupted media player which results in AVI corruption
  • Abruptly ejecting the external storage device from the system while the video is being played from the device can corrupt the video making it unplayable
  • Unreliable tools while converting the AVI files can corrupt the file

Nothing is more annoying than encountering errors while watching your favorite video. Above are just few instances in which your video would get corrupt, but there are many such instances. In such situation, instead of worrying, try to make use of Remo Repair AVI application that can with AVI file on both Windows and Mac systems. In addition, using this you can fix a corrupted video file stored on any storage device such as external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc.

Remo Repair AVI tool works in such a way that your original file remains intact. It adopts read-only mechanism, wherein it extracts the contents from the original file and repairs the issues by creating a new AVI file. In addition to AVI, the tool can also be sued to fix other corrupt video files such as DIVX and XVID.

Steps to fix AVI file error using Remo Repair AVI application

  • Download and install Remo Repair AVI software in your Windows / Mac, then launch the software to begin repair process
  • In main screen click on “Browse” option to locate the AVI file and next click on “Repair” button.
  • After clicking on Repair button the tool starts repairing the file; just wait for few minutes until process gets completed
  • Later, you can view the video file using “Preview” option.
  • If you are satisfied with the result then purchase the activation key to get full version and save repaired file to your disk.

Note: Do not store repaired file on any virus infected or corrupt storage device instead utilize a healthy one.

Additionally, if you have a MP4 file with corrupt header then just read here to know how you can repair damaged MP4 header by clicking on the link given.

Tips to follow:

  • Download files only from trusted websites
  • Make use of updated antivirus application to scan your storage device
  • Do not attempt to play a file in any unsupported or corrupted media player
  • Backup essential files before doing any changes to it
  • Avoid utilizing incompatible application to convert file format
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