How to Open not Playing AVI File

Fixing AVI file which is not playing on Mac / Windows in any of the media player is now easier with the help of Remo AVI Repair tool. It fixes corrupted or not playing AVI, DIVX and XVID video files and produces a healthy playable video file. Try it now!!!

You might have experienced a situation where your precious AVI file doesn’t play on any of the media player by leaving you in a troubled state. This happens when your AVI file is corrupted or broken. There are lots of scenarios which results in AVI file corruption which in turn makes it unplayable.

Then, how to fix AVI file that refuses to play?

To fix such not working / playing AVI file you need to use Remo Repair AVI file. It fixes AVI video file that refuses to play on any media player in few simple clicks. The tool separates audio and video streams from AVI file and then fixes the issues. After that, adjoins them to create a healthy playable AVI video file. You can use this tool to fix AVI file not playing issues on both Windows and Mac system.

To solve AVI file not playing issue, follow below mentioned step by step guide:

  • Download Remo Repair AVI software on your system and install it by clicking the downloaded file
  • Launch the software and choose the AVI file that is not working and has to be repaired
  • Next, click on “Repair” option to begin the AVI file repairing process How to open not playing AVI files Figure 1
  • Once AVI video repair process will end, a window will be displayed with “Preview” option How to open not playing AVI files Figure 2
  • You can preview the AVI file and finally save the fixed AVI file in any location of your choice How to open not playing AVI files Figure 3

Following AVI Video Issues will be fixed by Remo Repair AVI Tool-

  • Corruption and not playing AVI Video on Mac or Windows
  • AVI broken index problem and header corruption issues
  • Fixes audio, video synchronization problem with AVI files
  • Repairs AVI file with no audio or audio only issue
  • Helps to repair avi files with codec error and bad frame issues which makes your video unplayable

Other Beneficial Features of Remo Repair AVI Tool:

  • Comes handy to fix .xvid and .divx file format that are not working
  • Fixes AVI files that refuses to play from any storage devices like internal and external HDD, memory cards, pen drives and other storage device
  • Repaired AVI file can be played on both Windows and Mac system
  • Provides 24*7 technical support for solving any issue regarding the product

Reasons for AVI File Corruption:

Unreliable tool – Using unauthorized tool to recover AVI file that is lost or deleted may lead to AVI file corruption.

Transfer Error- AVI file transfer process interrupted by any reason can make AVI file unplayable

Codec Problems: Playing AVI file on unsupported media player affects the codec which in turn makes AVI files inaccessible

Other reasons that can corrupt AVI files are storage media corruption containing your AVI file, improper AVI file conversion, media player malfunction, etc. Whatever it is, by making use of Remo AVI Repair tool you can fix AVI not working issues on Mac or Windows and make them playable again.

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