Fix AVI Video Files that only Plays Audio

Does your AVI file plays only audio? Use Remo Repair AVI software to easily fix the issue and make AVI file playable with both audio and video in sync. The tool fixes AVI files on both Windows and Mac OS quickly!

One of your AVI video files has an issue while playing on Windows media player. It only plays audio without the video. So you try to play AVI video on another media player like VLC; but it still plays only audio with no video. Playing it on other media players gives the same result! You are left helpless and now looking for a solution to fix the issue and make the video play along with the audio.

Why does your AVI file play only audio? What could be the causes…?

There are many reasons which results in this issue. Corruption of the AVI file is one of the main reasons for such kind of problems. Let’s see some of the causes for it:

  • While downloading AVI file if the process gets interrupted due to sudden system shutdown, network connection errors, etc, then the file gets corrupted
  • Header corruption of the AVI video file
  • When the audio and video streams of the AVI file are not synchronized properly, then the AVI file might fail to play one of the data streams

So when the AVI file is playing only audio, then don’t worry. You can easily fix the issue with the help of Remo Repair AVI software. In just few simple steps, the application repairs corrupt videos and gives you a healthy playable video. It has an easy to use interface which makes even a non technical user to go about the repair process with ease.

How Remo AVI Repair Fixes AVI Video File which Plays only Audio –

Remo Repair AVI software is designed to quickly fix AVI file which plays audio without video. The tool doesn’t alter the original content of the AVI file; rather it just extracts the content from the corrupt AVI file, repairs audio and video streams separately and later joins them to create an error free healthy playable file.

Guide to Fix AVI File which Plays only Audio –

Download and install Remo Repair AVI software on your system. Launch it and follow the steps as described:

  • Select the AVI file which needs to be repaired by using the Browse option as shown in Figure 1
  • After selecting the corrupt file, click on Repair option as shown Figure 2 to initialize the repair process
  • After repair process is completed, the fixed AVI video file and its description will be displayed
  • Preview the repaired file using Preview option as shown here Figure 3, and save it on a location of your choice

Remo AVI Repair tool is capable of fixing unplayable AVI videos stored on various storage mediums such as hard disks, external USB drives, flash memory cards, and so on. It supports all latest versions of Windows and Mac OS like Windows 10, Windows 8, macOS High Sierra, Sierra, Mac El Capitan, Mac Yosemite, etc. This AVI Video Repair utility also fixes other video file formats like XVID and DivX that broken, corrupted, or are of large sizes.

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