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Seek error on AVI makes your video unplayable! Remo AVI Repair Tool fixes the AVI video showing error messages in simple steps and provides an error-free playable video. Buy NOW!

“Please help me, I am facing error message like “error 87 the parameter is incorrect” when I try to play one of my AVI file on my computer, this file was taken from my friend with much struggle. Thus can anyone say me what might be the problem behind this and more importantly I want the perfect solution to repair the AVI file. Any suggestion will be considerable”

AVI file is one of the most preferred and widely used video file format because it offers you great compression due to which you will get reduced file size without any compromise with picture quality. However there are many situations where you may get error while accessing an AVI file and when these errors pops up it makes the user very much tensed. But at present you don’t have to worry much because by making use of Remo Repair AVI program you can easily repair AVI file that is refusing to play. Before knowing more about the program let’s go through some of the common reasons behind AVI file inaccessibility.  

Causes behind AVI File showing Error Message

  • When the index of the AVI file is damaged then the AVI file may prompt you an error due to which it will not allow you to play the AVI file
  • Virus infection of AVI file is also one of the major reason behind AVI file damage, thus if AVI file is damaged then you will get an error due to which you will not be able to access the file
  • Common reasons that are very frequent are improper codec, inappropriate usage of multimedia player, incomplete conversion of AVI file format, .dll file missing from actual location, incomplete download, using untrusted third party tool to repair the file and many more

These were some of the reasons behind inaccessibility of AVI file, however if you have come across any such scenario due to which you are not able to access AVI file then make use of Remo Repair AVI program.

Characteristics of Remo Repair AVI

  • Offers you with great set of user interface using which you can easily accomplish the repair task
  • Using this renowned tool you can repair most of the errors that are associated with damaged AVI file
  • After successful repair of the damaged AVI file you can use it in major operating system of Windows and Mac
  • Trial version of the product allows you to preview the repaired AVI file, by this one can get satisfied about the product before purchasing the software
  • Its built-in powerful algorithms make it feasible to quickly finish the task of repair within minutes
  • Apart from AVI file format it has the ability to repair corrupt video file of different format like XVID and DIVX

Guide for Repairing AVI File Seek Error

  • First download Remo Repair AVI software and install it on your computer
  • Launch the application by double clicking on the icon. From the main screen (like in Figure 1) click on Browse option to select the AVI file that is prompting error
  • After selecting the file click on Repair option as shown in Figure 2
  • Once you click on Repair option the repair process will begin which is as indicated in Figure 3
  • After repair process is completed successfully the software allows you to preview the repaired file by using Preview option as shown in Figure 4
  • Finally save the repaired file on a preferred location
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Safe and Secure
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