How to Backup Outlook PST File?

Updated on January 03, 2022

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Backup Outlook PST

An Outlook PST which holds all your important data like emails, contacts, calendar, etc. is often at risk with frequent Outlook errors that can damage PST files. This can put you in serious trouble. Hence taking Outlook PST file backup not only helps you avoid data loss but also can come in handy when you are trying to transfer Outlook to another computer.

This article presents you the traditional method of manually taking backup of Outlook PST files and also a smarter way of backing up PST using a dedicated Outlook Backup Tool.

How To Backup Outlook PST File?

  1. Using Import And Export Option
  2. Copying the PST File Manually
  3. Using Outlook Backup

Method 1: Backup Using Import and Export Option

To backup PST file from Outlook, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Step 1: Open Outlook and click on File then select the Open and Export option.

Click on Import/Export option to Backup Microsoft Outlook

Step 2: Click on Import/Export, select export to a file and click on next.

Step 3: Now select Outlook data file or (.pst) and click on next.

Select Export to a File option to backup PST file

Step 4: Select the folder and also subfolders by checking in the Include Subfolders checkbox to export from.

Select the folder to export Outlook PST file from

Step 5: Save the backup PST file by setting up the location of the exported PST file and clicking Finish.

Save Backup PST file in a desired location

Method 2: How to Backup a Copy of Outlook PST file:

You can manually copy Outlook PST file like any other file on your computer, to do the same do follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Close Outlook, in the Windows Search bar, type Run.
  • In the Run window, type control panel and enter.
  • In the control panel click on User accounts and then click on Mail.
  • In the Mail setup window click on show profiles.
  • Choose the profile of your choice and click on theproperties.
  • Now click on data files now under the name you can see the location of the Outlook PST file.
  • You can either copy the location or click on the Open file location.
  • Now you can copy the file and store it safely.

However, this method of exporting and importing Outlook data into a PST file is tiresome and also you cannot copy Outlook profile properties and settings. As a result, this backup up file will not retain any preferences, settings or folder structure of your Outlook data.

PST Backup-Just A Click Away With This Tool

Quick Note: If you are taking a backup of Outlook using the above method, then it cannot take the backup of Outlook attributes, autofill text, Outlook priorities, reminders, appointments, meeting schedules, folder structure, and settings.

Utilize the Remo Outlook Backup tool to take the backup of entire Outlook data with setting easily.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Software:

Remo Outlook Backup tool to take a complete backup of the entire Outlook data including settings in a few clicks only. The tool is built with different backup features and also offers you to store your backup file on the cloud. You have got the option of manually hustling to get a backup of your computer or just download Remo Outlook Backup for free and try it yourself.

This Outlook PST Backup tool offers two different options to ease the Outlook PST backup process:

Smart Backup: Be it your Outlook mailbox, contacts, journals, notes, rules, profiles or any other Outlook attributes, the tool will export everything using its Smart Backup option in one click.

Advanced Backup: When you only need emails, contacts or some specific Outlook attributes items to backup, you can select only the required attributes using the Advance Backup option.

Method 3: How To Backup Outlook PST File using Remo Outlook Backup Tool?

Step 1: Launch Remo OBM software and click on the Backup option.

Backup Outlook PST file using Remo Outlook backup and Migrate tool

Step 2: Now, You will see two options Smart Backup and Advance Backup.

a) Smart Backup: Select this option if you want to backup entire Microsoft Outlook items in just one click.

b) Advance Backup: Choose this option to personalize Outlook backup process. After clicking this option, you can prioritize Outlook backup items such as backing up only Emails, Calendars, etc.

Backup PST file by selecting Smart and Advance backup option using Remo Backup tool

Step 3: Select the location to save your Outlook backup files and click Next.

Save exported or backed up PST file in a location of your choice

Why Choose Remo Outlook Backup Tool for Outlook PST Backup?

  • Automatic backup: This PST Backup tool is designed with an internal scheduler that lets you schedule your Outlook backup tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Protect backup copy: After you backup the Outlook PST file, it allows you to set a password to protect backup PST files from unauthorized access.
  • Handy interface: With its highly interactive and easy-to-use interface, any new user can effectively backup Microsoft Outlook folders without any hindrance.
  • Save a backup on any device: Easily creates Outlook personal folders backup and lets you export Outlook emails, contacts, notes and other attributes across computers and Outlook devices.
  • Outlook Compatibility: Enables you to take the backup of entire Outlook attributes and settings on any Outlook version like Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2019.

Why Choose Remo?