Backup MS Outook PST File in Windows XP

“I want to take a backup of my Outlook profile as I am planning to upgrade from Windows XP to a higher Windows version. Is there any tool available to backup Outlook files on Windows XP & migrate them to the new version in an accessible state? Please help…”

Many of you might have faced the same situation. Almost everyone ends up losing the important emails & other Outlook attributes from their Outlook profile. The reason is that most of the users do not know the location of the PST file on their system. A PST file is a common place where all the attributes of a particular profile are saved like sent / received emails, contacts, reminders, notes, etc. If anything happens with this PST file, you will not be able to access your profile. Each Outlook profile has its own PST file.

Manually you can backup the PST file but you should know the location of the PST file on your system (different in different versions of Windows OS).

Location of PST file

  • In XP – DriveLetter:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
  • In Win Vista & 7 – C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

But taking a manual backup, sometimes might lead to problems. You might not have taken the complete backup or there are times when the backup does not comply with the new version of the OS or the Outlook application. The backup will also not contain the personalized settings, signatures & templates, that a user might have created. Don’t worry, this article offers a very efficient tool i.e. Outlook Backup & Migrate, that will take a backup of the PST file & also helps you to migrate that PST file to a higher version of MS Outlook or the OS.

Why should you use this tool?

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate has a large number of satisfied customers who have used this tool & easily migrated their data to a new PC. It can backup all the emails, account settings, contacts, journals, notes, calendar items, reminders, etc. in a couple of mouse clicks. You don’t have to manually search for the PST file & take a backup. You can even schedule the process, so that the tool automatically takes the backup at the time specified. This is made possible through the tool’s built-in scheduler.

Suppose your PST file gets corrupted due to a virus on improper handling of the Outlook application, then also this software will be of great help. It creates four restore points, that keeps on updating, by the software itself. These are the last four healthy situations where the user can jump & get back the access to their profile. If your PST file is very large & the storage device, where you are saving the backup, does not have enough space, then there is an option available in the tool to split & save the backup. This option is best suited to match the destination drive storage space.

The size of the PST backup can be reduced by archiving it through various compression levels. You can even put a password to the backup that is created through this tool to keep it safe. If the user wish to backup only some Outlook attributes like if user wants to backup Outlook email then user can customize the process by selecting the items..

Click on the given link if you want to know how you can migrate Outlook 2003 to 2010 using this toolkit.

The backup that is created through this tool can be easily migrated from an older version of MS Outlook to a higher version & from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. It provides a one touch process to backup the complete list of Outlook items.

You can make use of this tool in the event when

  1. The PST file is corrupted due to virus
  2. File system corruption leading to inaccessible PST
  3. Improper shutdown or mishandling of the Outlook application
  4. Shifting from one PC to another
  5. Formatting the system
  6. Upgrading to a higher Outlook version or Windows OS

How to use Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate?

Step 1 : Download the evaluation version of the tool & run it on your Windows OS.

Step 2 : The main screen is displayed. Select “Backup” option from the main screen.

Step 3 : Next screen will display two options “Smart Backup” & “Advance Backup”. Select the “Smart Backup” option to perform one-click backup of the entire Outlook profile. Select the latter to create a customized backup.

Step 4 : Success message is displayed after the completion of the backup.

Step 5 : Check the summary report to make sure that all the attributes have been successfully backed up or not.

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