Want to boost your Windows 8 startup time?

Is your Windows 8 computer booting slow? Want to boost Windows 8 startup time? If yes, there is the smartest solution for you. Now it’s not a thing to worry while using Windows 8 device. Below, you can learn about few most common facts that are responsible for increasing boot time of your Windows 8 machine. Similarly, we have discussed about the solution to resolve this problem. Just have a look:

For each hardware device, you need to install driver program that is specific for different OS. These programs are very important since needed by OS to interact with hardware devices. These driver programs are loaded when you start your Windows 8 computer hence add a bit of time to complete boot process. So if you want to decrease Windows 8 boot time, disable some hardware that is not needed by you every time when you are working on computer. Wi-Fi adapters, Webcam, Bluetooth, radio, modems etc are few hardware devices which should be disabled since these are not necessary when working on the system. Follow these steps to disable loading of device drivers: Go to Control panel > Device Manager > Right click on a hardware device > click on Disable.

Disable unwanted hardware

Figure 1: Disable unwanted hardware

You may have some applications in auto startup mode that are launched automatically when your computer is booting. You can boost Windows 8 start time by disabling these unnecessary applications to be launched at startup. To disable startup programs on Windows 8 system, Click on Start menu and type “msconfig” in search box. Now click on Startup tab and uncheck those startup programs which you think unnecessary. Similarly, you can delay Windows services to be run at startup.

Disable unwanted start up applications

Figure 2: Disable unwanted start up applications"

Defragging hard drive is another very effective option that is important to enhance performance of your Windows 8 computer while it is booting. Defragmentation of the drive is necessary to decrease boot time and to make your Windows 8 computer fast at work. Keeping so many files and folders on desktop screen is also not a good thing since, these files are loaded on virtual memory when your Windows 8 computer is booting. You can make use of Solid State drives in the place of conventional hard drives to decrease booting time. SSDs are very reliable storage drives that take very less amount of time and boot very fast.

Disk Defragmentation

Figure 3: Disk Defragmentation

Apart from above techniques, there are so many things to do on your Windows 8 device to make it fast at startup. For example, Windows updates, disabling visual effects, windows indexing, removal of unnecessary fonts etc are also a concern for effecting Windows 8 startup time.

Boost your Windows 8 fast with Remo Optimizer

Now you do not have to do anything for speeding up your Windows 8 machine. Just launch Remo Optimizer on your system and boost Windows 8 startup time very fast. Software automatically scans Windows 8 machine and lists out all factors that are considerable for making your computer slow at startup. An advanced application that helps Windows 8 users to get the best performance with decreased booting time. It is the best and cost-effective way to make your computer boot faster.

Steps to make Windows 8 fast at start up:

Step1: First download and Install Remo Optimizer software on your PC. Launch the software it will start scanning your computer figure 1

  • Now, you have to click on Fast Startup option it will display all the applications. Select the application which you want to remove and click on Remove from Startup option figure 2.
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