I was forced to do master reset on my Windows, and now I am unable to access my files even to back them up to an external hard drive. How can I recover my files after master reset? Is there any program that helps me in recovering my vital files?

Yes, you can easily recovery your files back!! Stop worrying; there is an amazing program that helps you to recover your lost or deleted files, even you have done master reset. Read further to know more about the tool...

When you perform master reset or hard reset on your Windows hard drive, all your personal files saved on your drive may get erased. This is because during master reset your hard drive will be restored to its original factory settings by erasing the files and hence leading to data loss. But don’t worry, your files still reside on the hard drive but are inaccessible. They can be easily recovered with the aid of an excellent data recovery tool called Remo Recover (Windows / Mac). The utility is specifically designed to recover your files that were deleted or lost while performing master reset.

Important Message:
As soon as you realize that you lost files, try not use computer, it is recommended to completely shut down the system. This is to prevent new files to be written to computer which may cause data overwritten; which will lower the chances of data recovery after master reset.

Get to know more about Remo Recover Software

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) tool can rigorously scan your entire system and find out the files that were deleted or lost during master reset. It is easy to use, and is packed with enhanced features to ensure complete recovery. Actually Remo Recover incorporates read-only operation so that it will not cause any damage to your Windows system or files while recovering lost files.

  • Recovers all types of files that might have lost during master reset including, word documents, excel spreadsheets, images, videos, song, PPT files, Pdfs and many more
  • Supports recovery on all available Windows OS like Windows 8, and Windows 7, vista, XP and so on
  • Can easily identify all files with the aid of their unique file signatures even after recovery
  • Facilitates you to easily recover files from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT etc. partitions also
  • Works well for both desktop computer and laptop computers

Distinctive features of Remo Recover tool

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a quick-witted tool that is known for its user friendly and modest GUI with numerous options. It is a do-it yourself utility, that enables the user to perform the recovery themselves without relying on any third party service providers. Moreover, you can perform the RAW signature Search successfully and reduce the time consumption for scanning the entire hard drive.

  • Free from all kinds of threats
  • Ensures complete user-satisfaction with its free trial version

Steps to recover files after master reset

  • Download Remo Recover on your computer and install the software
  • Run the software and select Recover Partitions from the home screen
  • Next, choose the drive from which you would like to recover partitions
  • The software scans the selected drive for lost partitions after which a list of partitions are displayed
  • Choose a partition and wait for the software to list all found files in the partition
  • Then preview the files and select required ones to save in a desired location

Remo Recover proves to be best even when...

  • The hard drive is crashed or failed due to unknown reasons
  • You have formatted or reformatted your hard drive without taking backup
  • The system is reinstalled with new OS by using the “Erase and Install” option
  • You improperly partitioned the hard drive or the partition itself is damaged, missing or is deleted etc.
  • Hard drive is filled with bad sector
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Safe and Secure
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