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“My iPod classic (5th generation) that had my favorite videos files, froze while synchronizing through iTunes; I waited for few minutes but it didn’t respond at all, so I had no choice but to turn off the system. I disconnected my iPod from my system and checked about the synchronization status- i.e. was it successful on no. But to my shock all the video files from iPod Classic were missing. I need them very badly, please help”.

Above example is one scenario, wherein iPod users often end up losing their videos from iPod after or while syncing the videos. iPod is a very easy to use media player which supports both music and video playback at any time. If you have spent time in collecting videos and song files to your iPod, then you would know the pain of losing them. I believe, now you would be thinking that “if I face such instances, can I recover lost video from iPod?” Am I right? However, there is no need to worry now!! Because, with the help of the Remo Recover software, you can easily get back all your videos form iPod.

Is this the only situation for losing video from iPod?

No, there are many scenarios where in the users might have faced such instances. Some of these are:

Human Errors: The most common reason for data loss situations is due to human mistakes. Accidentally deleting iPod videos or formatting the iPod when enabled in "Disk Mode" or restoring the iPod with iTunes etc. all leads to loss of videos

Sync Error: The "Sync error" message can occur at any time while synchronizing the iPod with iTunes. This happens mainly due to software malfunctions, hardware changes, new user account or media file corruption etc. This may delete your videos from both the places i.e.  System and iPod

Improper Ejection: Disconnecting the iPod improperly from the system while transferring or watching videos from iPod can cost heavy data loss. Hence, if you have connected your iPod with iTunes then use the 'Safely remove Peripherals' option to eject the iPod.

Virus Attack:  Virus infection is also one of the reasons for losing videos in case of iPods. That is, it may delete your videos from your iPod and in worst cases; it may also corrupt the iTunes application.

After losing videos, remember…

  • Not to store any new files it can be your songs, videos or music files to the affected iPod
  • To stop using the iPod itself and try to recover the videos

Characteristics of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a remarkable tool that can easily recover all your lost videos from iPods. Whatsoever might be the reason behind this loss the tool still works well and retrieves the videos from the iPod. Its robust scanning engines play a vital role in achieving this. Just have look at its amazing features:

  • Not just videos, the utility can even restore image files, music files, and other media files from your iPods
  • When your iPod is formatted, the tool scan the entire iPod memory and retrieves all your lost videos from the iPod
  • This utility can recover more than 300 different types of files hence, the utility offers you to perform RAW Signature Search and search only for the videos from your iPods
  • Able to recover videos and other data even from your hard drives, external drives, thumb drives, memory cards and other storage devices
  • Excellent tool to perform iTunes library restoration from iPod without facing any difficulties.
  • Allows you to perform  AVI, M4V, MOV, WAV, MP4, and MP3 file recovery from your iPods
  • Compatible with all versions of both Windows and Mac OS

How to use Remo Recover software?

  • Connect the iPod device to your Macintosh or Windows systems via USB cable
  • Download and install the Remo Recover software on your system  
  • Launch the software, main screen with three option will appear as in Figure 1
  • From this select “Recover Photos” option and in the next screen select the “Recover Lost Photos” option like Figure 2 to retrieve your lost iPod videos
  • Then select the drive representing the iPod (Figure 3) and hit “Next”
  • Then choose the file type which has to be recovered in “Select File Type” tab refer Figure 4
  • The tool starts the scanning process and displays all the recovered files as shown in Figure 5
  • Preview them as in Figure 6 and select the files which you want to recover
  • Finally, save the rescued videos to your desired location click on Figure 7


  • Backup all your media files using iTunes or on any external drive
  • If you encounter any errors while using iPod then first try resetting the iPod rather restoring it directly

Click on given link to know how to recover photos from iPod Classic within a couple of minutes.

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