Fix AVI Video that is not Playing on VLC

How to Fix AVI File that is not Playing on VLC

AVI file not playing on VLC media player? Use Remo Repair AVI tool to effectively fix the corrupt AVI file and make it playable on VLC or any other media player. Get it NOW!

You tried to play an .avi file on VLC media player, instead an error message popped up stating that it cannot play the AVI file as the codec was not correct. What can be done in such situations? First you need to dig out the problem, whether the issue is with player or AVI video is corrupt. Here is how you deal with such issues:

Try to play another healthy AVI video on the VLC player

In case the video plays properly without any error messages, then there is no issue with your Player. If it fails then you will have to re-install latest VLC player and play again

Check if your AVI file plays on other video players

Now, try to play your AVI video on any other video players like Windows Media Player, Real Player etc. if the video fails to play on these also then your AVI file is corrupt and needs quick fix.

Quick Solution to Repair AVI Video that is not playing on VLC –

Remo AVI Repair software fixes the corrupt AVI file which is not playing on VLC, in just few minutes. This tool works on read-only mechanism where in it just extracts data from the damaged video file, and doesn’t alter the file further. It separates the audio video streams, fixes it and rejoins them to create a new healthy playable AVI file. The software is compatible on both Windows (including Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, and earlier versions) and Mac (including macOS High Sieerra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, etc)

Steps to Fix AVI File that is not Playing on VLC –

  • Download Remo Repair AVI software on your PC or laptop
  • Install the software on your system and run the application
  • Click on Browse option on the main screen to select the AVI video file which has to be repaired and then click on Repair option to commence repair process
  • Once the AVI file is fixed, you can preview it using the Preview option
  • Next, save the file using the Save option on a preferred destination

The program easily repairs corrupted .avi files which don’t play on VLC, Windows Media player, Real Time player, and so on. Moreover, Remo AVI Video Repair tool also fixes DivX and XVID files which are corrupted or broken. It even helps for fixing AVI audio out of sync and header corruption issues. AVI files stored on memory cards, hard drives, USB drives, etc. will be repaired. Remo AVI Repair application has a user-friendly interface such that even a non-technical user can make use of this tool to fix AVI files in an easy way.

Now let’s look at some common reasons responsible for AVI file corruption –

  • Abrupt system shutdown when AVI file is playing or in transfer from one storage drive to another
  • Virus infection even make your AVI files corrupt
  • AVI file header corrupted due to frequently changing the file extension, playing AVI file on incompatible media player, etc.

AVI video corrupted due to these reasons or any other reason will be fixed easily and quickly by Remo Repair AVI software. Before you even purchase the license you can preview the repaired AVI file and later get the licensed copy to save. Moreover, if you have any queries regarding the product installation or usage then you can contact the technical support team anytime.

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