I had Canon G11 camera and using SD card to store captured photos. Recently I had lost more than 300 pictures, which were stored in that memory card after inserting the card in a virus or malware infected PC. Please can anyone suggest a solution to get lost photos back easily?

Many users lose their beloved photos that captured at best moments such as wedding ceremony, birthday, and parties. Reasons behind that causes are accidentally deleting photos while previewing, formatting memory card or after memory card corruption that makes card inaccessible. Usually memory card becomes inaccessible when you connect it to a virus infected PC or laptop and due to abruptly removing card out from camera and so on.  In case card gets corrupt and it is being in inaccessible state then no need to worry about your photos stored on it because they are still stored in card itself. In such situation, by using Remo Recover utility you can easily restore them effectively. This toolkit is well capable to recover photos from different varieties of memory card that used in several cameras including Canon G11.

Note: If you have lost number of photos from memory cards such as SD or SDHC used in Canon G11 camera then stop using that memory card in case you are willing to recover them.

Various photo loss scenarios supported by Remo Recover utility

In Canon G11 camera, SD or SDHC memory cards are used to store photos and other stuffs. When card is in read or write process and you eject the card suddenly or camera shuts down due to low power then card gets corrupt and results in memory card error. Due to this error, you cannot able to access photos stored on it and finally, you face photo loss situation.

In addition, photos stored on memory card gets deleted due to user mistakes such as accidentally pressing delete button instead of performing other actions on a selected photo, accidentally formatting memory card or intentionally formatting to avoid further corruption of memory when it is being severely affected by virus and malwares threats. Performing all these actions, finally you end up with photo loss.  In such situation, use reliable photo recovery tool like Remo Recover that has all capabilities to recover deleted photos by abandoning reasons behind that cause.

How to use Remo Recover?

  • Connect your Canon G11 camera to PC or laptop. Download demo version of Remo Recover application and install successfully on computer where you have connected camera.
  • As soon you launch the tool, main screen appears by providing three major options. In that select "Recover Photos" option to perform photos recovery process
  • In next step select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" depend on photo loss scenario and proceed to next step
  • Select memory card from the list provided by tool and click on Next button to start scanning and recovery process
  • As soon as recovery process completed, you can review list of recovered photo files by selecting each one of them
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with results then purchase activation key to save those recovered files to specified target

Tips to avoid photo loss from memory card

  • Do not shut down camera during read or write process
  • Do not abruptly remove memory card out from camera when it is being in use
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus tool and do not connect card to any infected PC or laptop
  • Practice best usage of camera and its memory card

Click on the given link if you want to know how you to recover lost photos from SanDisk SD card.

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