Recover Canon VIXIA Video Files

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Canon VIXIA is a high definition camcorder from renowned brand Canon. The videos and photos captured using this camcorder is of high quality and are stored in memory cards in Canon VIXIA. As compared to other camcorders it has many features like large storage capacity, reliability, light in weight, high performance, and many others. Unluckily, Canon VIXIA camcorder has some limitation related to data loss. Files created using this camcorder is not safe and are prone to get loss. Let us assume one scenario for loss of data in Canon VIXIA

"I accidentally deleted few video files from my brand new Canon VIXIA camcorder. Those videos are very important to me as it was captured at my sister's wedding. Is it possible to perform Canon VIXIA video recovery?"

The answer to the above question is yes, it is possible to recover Canon VIXIA video file easily. Apart from deletion scenario, user may come across many other scenarios where valuable video files get lost. Here after you need not worry as it can be retrieved using some good data recovery software. Now you might be thinking how it is possible to recover data after data loss situation.

Well here is the answer; when you delete any video files from your Canon VIXIA camcorder, your video files becomes invisible but will still be present in memory space. This means only address pointer of that video file is deleted making files hidden and indicating the free space in which video files are saved. Thus deleted or lost video files can be recovered using some good data recovery tool.

Remo Recover Utility:

Remo Recover utility is the most recommended software to recover video files from Canon VIXIA camcorder. This software is developed using latest technology which has the ability to scan entire memory area of camcorder card to locate and recover video files on the basis of its unique signature. It has the ability to recover deleted, formatted and missing video files from camcorder with ease.

This recovery software can easily recover around 3000 types of files like Images, RAW picture, audio and video and other files. Apart from camcorder, it can also recover pictures and videos from camera, hard drives, pen drives etc. It supports recovery of files from all popular brands and models of camcorders like Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Samsung, Lexar, Sigma, and many others. Moreover, using this application user can even perform deleted video recovery from Recycle bin or Trash in simple clicks of any Mac or Windows OS. Additionally, this software can be used by both technical and non-technical users without any professional help. It also comes in free demo version so as to check performances of the product before purchasing it.

Eye-catchy Features:

  • Ability to recover media files that bypass Recycle Bin and those files that are erased from Recycle Bin
  • Supports recovery of media files from formatted system drives or partition
  • Restored files can be categorized on basis of file name, file size and file type
  • File Systems supported are HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT
  • One can save retrieved files in any desired location that is accessible
  • Enables users to even perform iPhoto album recovery on all Mac OS X versions
  • Also recovers media files from all types of hard drives, memory card, SD card, pen drives, iPod, etc.

Other Scenarios supported by Remo Recover Software:

  • Formatting: There are possibilities that user may accidentally format Canon VIXIA camcorder's memory card when connected to the system instead of formatting some other logical drive. Thus, unknowingly formatting Canon VIXIA camera card can result in to loss of files.
  • Improper Usage: Sometimes, user may use single memory card of Canon VIXIA camcorder in several other storage devices which can cause corruption to the memory card leading to data loss situation.
  • Low battery: When Canon VIXIA camcorder batter is very low and user tries to capture photo or shot video then there are possibilities that the files may get deleted or lost.
  • Other Factors: Other factors responsible for data loss situation from Canon VIXIA camcorder are virus attack, improper transferring, and mishandling device and so on.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Avoid using your camcorder soon after data loss situation in order to recover deleted video files completely.
  • After recovery process, avoid saving video files in the same camcorder memory card from where it was lost, deleted or formatted.
  • Maintain additional copy of important files from Canon VIXIA camcorder.
  • Avoid capturing photos or videos when camcorder battery is very low.
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