Easiest Way to Remove Cache from Chrome

Often we experience that page is not loading or trouble in signing in on particular website. Users think that they are experiencing such unresponsiveness of browser because of slow internet connection but it could be solved by clearing browser’s cache memory. In every browser there is a cache that is utilized to collect web pages that you visited on internet. Similarly, in your Chrome browser’s cache, certain information of web pages is stored once when you visit a website. While regular usage of Chrome browser for surfing on internet, cache memory gets full of images and web documents hence, it makes internet speed slow. Therefore, user should clear browser cache Chrome regularly before surfing on internet.

The main aim of adding cache with browser, is to facilitate users fast browsing. A copy of web pages that you visit on your computer is saved in cache so that these pages will load quickly when navigating through websites on which refers same images with different pages. Since it avoid downloading of images and web pages again and again, you experience faster internet surfing. However cache helps in improving browsing speed but there is drawback of this feature. If you are erasing cache data after browsing, other person can retrieve information about what you surfed on internet. Therefore, users are suggested to clear cache information from browser to secure their privacy and to maintain browsing speed.

Generally all browsers come with inbuilt setting option to enable them in erasing cache information. You can delete cache memory by applying following mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open your Google chrome browser and click on Customize and Control Google Chrome button on the top–right corner of your browser

Click on Customize option
Figure 1: Click on Customize button

Step 2: From the menu select “Settings” option to check the browser settings

Choose Settings Option
Figure 2: Go to Settings Option

Step 3: Now, scroll down and click on show advanced settings link on the settings screen

Choose show advanced settings option
Figure 3: Select Show Advanced Settings option

Step 4: Under Privacy option, just select the Clear Browsing Data option

Click on Clear Browsing data option
Figure 4: Select Clear Browsing Data option

Step 5:Then just select Cache and all other items that you need to clear, then choose the time range from the drop-down list and hit on Clear Browsing Data option

Choose the Browser items to be deleted
Figure 5: Select the Unwanted Browser Data for Deletion

Using above steps you can delete browser cache in Chrome. If you want to clear Mozilla Firefox cache similarly then just click on the given link. However, sometime it is not enough to be sure about complete removal of cache data. In order to ensure permanent deletion of cache information and browser history, user can refer an efficient privacy cleaner tool such as Remo Optimizer. This is an amazing app which is not only capable of clearing browser cache but is also capable of cleaning download history and address bars.

Simple steps to Clear Browser Cache on Chrome:

  1. Download and install this effective software it in your system. Then, run this application and select "Tools" option from the main screen. On the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option to clear browser cache from your computer.
  2. Then next, select “Clean Browser Junk” option to erase browser cache as shown in the Figure 1.
  3. Now from this screen, select the Chrome browser and click on "Scan" option to proceed with scanning process as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Once scanning is completed, software will display junk items that need to be cleared for cleaning Chrome browser's cache. Click on "Clean" option and finally you will get the detailed report of deteted data from Chrome browser's cache as shown in Figure 3.

Additionally, if you are using Internet Explorer browser and you wish to clear Internet Explorer cache then, just click on the link provided.

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