How to Clear Browsing History on Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Windows, OS X and Linux, with a mobile version for Android, by the Mozilla Foundation. Usually as you browse the website, Firefox gradually remembers lots of information for you – sites you have visited, files you have downloaded and much more. All such information is called your browser history. There are so many things included in the history such as browsing history consists of list of sites you have visited that are shown in the History menu, the Library windows history list, and the Location bar auto completes address list. Download history is the number of files you have downloaded that are displayed in download window.

Also, comprises of form history includes the items you have entered into web page forms for Form auto complete. Search bar history includes items you have entered into Firefox search bar. Next, consists of cookies which stores information about visited websites such as site preferences or login status. It also includes information and site preferences stored by plug-in like Abode Flash. The cache stores the temporary files like web pages and other online media, which Firefox downloaded from the internet to speed up loading of pages and sites you have already visited. Even, if you have logged in to website that uses HTTP authentication since you most recently opened Firefox, this site is considered “active”. Removing these logs you will be out of those sites.

Moreover, it consists of offline website data if you have allowed it. It can store files on your system so that you can continue to use it when you are not connected to the internet. In addition, there are site specific preferences which includes the saved zoom level for sites, character encoding and permissions for sites (like pop up blocker exceptions). However, if you are using a public computer or sharing a computer with someone, you may not want others to see all such browsed data. One can easily click on “Ctrl + Shift + Delete” option to summon the history clearing options that are available to you on Firefox. Normally, in Firefox you can clear last hour, last 2 hours, last 4 hours, last 2 weeks, the last full day or entire browsing history.

Further, one can manually clear browser history after clicking on top of Firefox window and select history menu and click on clear browsing history. Also, one can choose how much history one need to delete after clicking on drop down menu next to Time range to clear to select how much of your history Firefox will remove. Next, click on Details to choose exactly what information will get erased and finally click on Clear now option and the window gets closed and items you have chosen to be cleared. If you are still feeling insecure and want to completely remove entire browsing history every time you use Firefox. Then, here is a solution Remo Optimizer tool that is capable to automatically remove entire browsing history every time you browse Firefox browser. It supports to remove browsing history on Firefox 3.5.9, 2.0 and other latest versions with great ease.

Simple Tutorial to Clear Browser History from Firefox:

  1. At first install this software in your computer and open it from the desktop icon. In the main screen, you have choose "Tools" option to clean browsing data from Firefox. Later, select "Privacy Cleaner" option as shown in Figure 1
  2. Then select “Clean Browser Junk” option to erase browser history as shown in the Figure 2
  3. Now select the Firefox browser and click "Scan" option to start scanning process as shown in Figure 3
  4. Finally, software shows junk data that need to be deleted from Firefox browser. Click on "Clean" option to detete Firefox browser history as shown in Figure 4
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